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Court mandated parenting class.

In Texas when a couple gets divorced the court mandates they go to a 3 hour parenting class before the divorce is final.

BMs sister and her DH are divorcing. Her husband still talks to my DH. He called DH to tell him something I find hilarious !!

BMs sister paid their other sister 40 dollars and SHE attended the parenting class!!! WTH ?????

Classic= she couldn't attend because she had.....wait for it....a DATE!!!

OMG!!! I really hope the judge bashes her.

Obviously, craziness runs in the family.

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Oh he can prove it.....the

Oh he can prove it.....the dumbass sister put down her real name instead the name of the sister who was ordered to go!!!

For anyone who has seen " the Hills have eyes" about the deranged, in bred people that ate all family..thats what we deal with.

All the kids of the sisters including skids are pretty dim witted too.

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Initial response: "Bite Me

Initial response: "Bite Me Evil " Then I tried to edit/delete post and was asked to comment:

Singh1 pissed me off by trolling when a serious topic was discussed. I used to be a "Divorce Facilitator" in Montgomery County, Texas ... north of Houston and I do understand these divorce workshops. Attempts to hijack real posts with junk ads irritates me.

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My dh got divorced in 2008

My dh got divorced in 2008 from his ex and they have two kids.... we live in houston he did not have to do that

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They have these mandatory

They have these mandatory classes in ohio too. Do you have to wait 2 months mandatory time before going to court also...just in case "they" change their minds?
The story is classic

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Yes, they have to wait some

Yes, they have to wait some time , not sure of the time frame.

My DH was divorced in 2004 and had to attend the classes too.

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It's a 12 hour class in

It's a 12 hour class in Florida. FDH completed his course (with MY help!!!) BM did NOT. And she was never penalized for it. Imagine that.

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They have a class here in AZ

They have a class here in AZ too. DH went; BM didn't, so now she has no say over the custody agreement until she does.

Seriously, BM couldn't even be bothered to show up to the court the day of the decisions. Hell, DH had to bribe her with a pizza to get her to sign the paperwork in the first place (I'm not even joking)

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OMG !!! A trade for

OMG !!! A trade for pizza......not that is FUNNY!!!

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Here in Idaho, DH was

Here in Idaho, DH was divorced 14 years ago. They were court-ordered to take a parenting class... he did, she didn't, no penalties. In 2000, she took him back for custody mod and they were told to take the class again. We took the class, she didn't, still no penalties.

Fast forward to 2009, SS got in trouble and ended up in an in-patient treatment center for a year while parents were court ordered to do a few things, including... Parenting Classes!!! DH and I took parenting class that we could find offered in the town we live and when we went to court for SS's release, guess who got in trouble for NOT taking a parenting class while SS was locked up....Surprise! BM never took a class in a year!!

Now we finally have a chance to take her back to court to get Child support since SS lives with us full time and guess what?!?!?! Stupid Parenting Class ordered... DH took it, now we'll see if BM takes one.

DH said it was so dumb and repetitive and geared for newly divorced people, not one whose divorce was 14 years ago!! But he took it and followed the rules.

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Poor guy - can't imagine

Poor guy - can't imagine having to take it that many times. My DH had to take a 3 hour class before his divorce was final. (You have to wait 3 months for the divorce to be final in our state.)

All he got out of the class was that he shouldn't date for as long as possible after the divorce. That was most of what they talked about - why you shouldn't date if you have kids. Not that that is necessarily bad advice - given what we all go through. But one would think there would have been other useful information that could have been shared.

BM did take the class and it must have made an impression. She didn't start dating until we got married.

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