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o/t i finally found a use for some old make up. whats your ideas

I had some blush/ bronze that I used a few times but didn't like it as blush and I almost never use bronzer. But I have been trying to find a way to make a self Tanner that I can do easy at home and no streaks.

Then I ran across to put it in lotion woo hoo! Love it. I know its not a very permanent thing but if you use it a few times a week it looks great.

So what's your ideas for using things you have that didn't work for what you bought it for but is great for something else.

So excited.

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My skin hurts with micro

My skin hurts with micro abrasion cremes. Just yuck.

One day I was scrubbing bathrooms right after we bought the house in S.C., and I was
getting frustrated with the soap scum. I grabbed that stuff, just out of pure frustration,
and it WORKED!!!! Took that stuff right off with no scratching!!!!

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Awesome! I will have to

Awesome! I will have to check that one out.

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I absolutely like your ideas.

I absolutely like your ideas. Sometimes, to make the most out of something, we need to try new things and change some of them. - Carmack Moving and Storage