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SS looking at porn

My spouse recently found explicit drawings made by my middle school aged stepson. She did not tell me about this incident and I did not get to see the drawings myself.

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I need Advice! Help!

Hello Everyone! My name is Melissa. Up until a couple years ago I was a single mother to a 7 year old daughter. My daughter hates my new husband. She has no real valid reason to "Hate" my husband.

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Fiancé is a pushover

Fiancé (male) has no cajones when it comes to his kids. It’s getting pathetic.

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New Tactics

My ss will be 18 in 2 weeks. He is a roller coaster of a person. One minute he’s doing ok, school good, home life good, being respectful and then he drop all way to rock bottom.

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Is this concerning?

I don't know how to process this but it has been bugging me and I figured I'd run it by you guys and see any input.

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Ideas or book suggestions for a 9yr old Girl/ The sex talk my GF's 9yr old daughter has been coming home from school lately with questions and stories from some of the other kids about sex and such. Does it really start this young???

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7 and 9 year old step daughters

Hello everyone, I found this website today and I am glad I am not the only one who has issues with step kids.

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Wild 5 year old!!!

I am a new stepfather (no kids of my own) to a wonderfully precocious little 5 y/o girl, who is simultaneously brilliant and infuriating. She is exhibiting some new behavioral issues I.E.

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Step Mom Labels

Puzzled Hi everyone. I'm new to this site, but I'm hopeful that others can shine some light on my current situation.

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New to online forums- looking for advice on how to cope with BF

(First Post) I've been heavily involved in my Stepson's life for about 6 years. Our family has joint custody with SS's Biological father.