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Can't Believe this BullSh*** He Pulls

Now we have SS8 eow and all summer. He just came back from a 4 day vacay with bm. His summer camp has ended and I work from home. I told my husband I could watch him SOME days over the next couple of weeks, but tomorrow I have to go to a funeral so he needs to get a sitter. I asked him... just now... where i need to take SS in the morning and replied "he's staying with you". WTHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!????????? He said "he can go to the funeral...he has dress clothes" WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!???????? Now mind you SS is adhd and acts up/defies authority EVERYWHERE he goes. I told husband "I am not taking him b/c i don't have the time nor energy to keep speaking to SS about sitting still and behaving". I asked "so you're gonna be so nasty and you're not even gonna call the sitter?" THIS FOOL (H) replies "you're gonna be so nasty and not keep him?" I repeated what I told him earlier. He has really got me confused....I ain't this child's mama for real. If I was, he'd be breaking his neck to accommodate me like he does BM when she needs something. Shucks, I pregnant with my own child that is making me weak and nauseated everyday. Shoot, he barely even recognizes that I am pregnant, doesn't attend MD appointments, refuses to talk about anything regarding it, but I'm supposed to help you with your kid. Child please!!!!!! I'm about to tell him to cancel the FEW DAYS I offered to help him out.

Who the hell does he think he is?????????????????!!!!!!!!

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Completely outrageous. When

Completely outrageous. When he said "so you going to be nasty and not keep him" I would immediately say exactly that, I ain't his momma, cause if I were BM, you'd been kissing my ass too. SO, you make babysitter arrangements for YOUR kid and on the days I am willing and agree to, I MIGHT BABYSIT YOUR KID FOR YOU for the rate you pay the babysitter. - I.E. you take that cash and stash it away to put towards yourself and or your own baby Smiling

Hell-to-tha-NO. Jawdropping!