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Sure has ben quiet around here :)

Well the fallout from the final decision is over and have to say things have been real nice over here. Hubby has been very different, seems more at peace with his decision and seems relaxed and dare I say happy Puzzled I think it may be because he is no longer in the middle of the fights and disagreements but what do I know.
I also think now he saw his daughters true side and how she has been feeling about me it sought of gave him a wake up call on how she had been treating me. The names she called me "Fucking stupid ugly fat cow" really opened his eyes to his evil daughter and the threats she made to me about how she was gonna stab me and warning me to not get lost in her neck of the woods have to say went in my favour and not hers.

She even sent text messages to our kids telling them that "dont worry adults are stupid" but that soon stopped when our eldest said "yes they are and don't contact me again" she is 14 (soon 15)I was so proud of the way she stood up for what is right Smiling

I don't know where this is gonna go in the future, no idea how long it will be before she starts crawling back. I don't think she will get any kind of reception from her Dad this time as she really burnt the bridges. All I do know is that our relationship is blossoming again. I totally respect him for standing up for me and our family, it was about time he did.
I know it is early days still and anything could happen but right now I have never been happier and more content in my life Smiling

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Im so pleased for you, too

Im so pleased for you, too often on here we read of people being treated so badly by their skids and their partners do nothing about it, or blaming them, so this is great to hear, I've also had a break through in my relationship, though I began to think it would never get better, so good for us Smiling

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Congratulations to you too

Congratulations to you too Janeyc on your breakthrough Smiling

I think it is time our husbands put us first instead of the whining ADULT kids. It is high time our husbands stand up for what is right and defend us...they did make the choice to be with us forever in our vows, through good and the bad etc... this is the bad time and one we have to stick together.
I really could understand if the stepkids were younger and all but we are talking about adults here and just because he fathered them doesnt mean he has to take all the shit that comes along with them. The one and only main thing in this is that I make him happy and he makes me happy, we love each other and always will. The only sad part in this is not seeing our grandkids but then again they would more than likely turn out like their mother anyway.

Here's to a better, conflict free future, Cheers! Sticking out tongue