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BM doesn't want to get her son this weekend for Mother's Day

This is BM's weekend. My boyfriend is supposed to take his son to BM at 6pm this Friday. Son has a soccer game at 6pm so father has asked BM if he can drop him off at her house after the game so he doesn't miss his game. First she says NO and says it's cutting into her time. Next she says she doesn't want to get him this weekend after all. Here's the boyfriend is on day shift this weekend so that means he expects the 12 yr son to stay with me...not happening! I am attending my nieces recital on Saturday and the tickets are sold out so I can't keep him. Sunday is Mother's Day. The boy should be spending this day with his OWN Mom. I should be able to enjoy a peaceful day with my daughter, my sisters, and my mother...not babysitting a kid that acts like a brat at least 1/2 the time. Although I can tell he is irritated about it, boyfriend says he'll find someone else to keep the child. Just the way it should be! If he's irritated at anyone, it should be his ex-wife!

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Ah, lovely. Good luck.

Ah, lovely. Good luck.


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He has ADHD and is not

He has ADHD and is not responsible enough to stay by himself. In addition, he has a baseball game Saturday night. His father asked if I could drop hiim off at a friends house Saturday afternoon so he doesn't miss his baseball game. (He'd miss it anyway if he were with his mother!) I am a vendor at the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and told him I had not planned on coming all the way back home before heading to the recital. Of course, that makes me the bad guy for not trying to jump thru hoops. Oh well, I can live with being the bad guy.

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my sd12's bm had actually

my sd12's bm had actually traded my bf this weekend for the easter weekend without even looking at the calendar!! Then she came back on Sunday and was wanting my bf to switch back with her bc "they have plans" on Sunday. And she didn't know it was Mother's Day. He did grow some backbone and told her that if she wanted her she could come pick her up but that the rest she would have to work out with sd12 herself. Then bm proceeded to question bf on the schedule of events for the entire weekend. So now she pretty much knows exactly what we are doing and where we'll be most of the time.

He worked out with her that she's coming to pick up sd12 ..supposedly very very early on Sunday morning. Which means that is the only time she could come to begin with but she wanted to be nosy and ask a bunch of stupid questions to make us think she was really trying to work it out for her to pick up sd12 on Saturday. Nope!!
We'll see. I told him to work out the time, we will be visiting with family and I don't need the bm barging into our morning routine trying to chit chat with everyone for 2 hours as if she was invited!

Personally, my kids are all older so I'm used to not spending the day with them. I do expect to see or talk to each of them throughout the day. If they were small, then yes, I'd be wading through whatever I had to in order to get to them.

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Our BM considers it her

Our BM considers it her mothers day gift to not have her son. She says she wants that so she can spend the day with her mom.