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Stepmother executed saudi arabia

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Maybe this isn't the right place for these thoughts, but i forced myself to watch that brutal video of a woman screaming her innocence while being executed by the police in Saudi Arabia. With a little googling I learned she had been convicted of killing and raping her 6 year old STEP daughter with a broom handle. I may not be so well informed, but my thoughts are that woman rarely sexually kill children? So was this just a crime where a more powerful man got away while the step mother took the fall?

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It could be either way. Of course when faced with death everyone professes their innocence. There are women out there that are just as mentally sick as men.

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With the amount of MOTHERS killing their own children these days, I wouldn't put it past a female non-relative killing a child. Especially one they are forced to deal with through marriage.

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I agree with several of the above comments. The only "evidence" needed is the word of the husband or the "male" child. I doubt if any further questioning or investigation was done. It's a society where women are disposable.

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Very upsetting. I personally doubt her guilt. Women are treated so horribly in such counties. She most likely took the fall for the real criminal.

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In Saudi Arabia I would bet it was the husband and he was scape goating the wife he wanted to get rid of, two for one. Women have no rights there practically. I have friends from countries like that and the horror stories are endless. If someone accuses you, you are screwed. Yes women do stuff like this, but it's statistically very uncommon. Couple the improbability of a woman raping a girl with the lack of basic legal rights in Saudi and I'd say it's very likely she didn't do it.

I know women abuse girls sometimes, but the stakes in Saudi are so high (execution), she'd be very aware that she would die if she did it. This is a country where a woman will get lashings if she is gang raped because her testimony doesn't count for all practical purposes.

As I recall from a book I read, a woman can't even go out in Saudi without a male's permission (much less drive). She needs to have a male family member's written permission even if it's her own small child.

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Just because the rule of law in this case is not the rule of law in use in the regions most of us live in does not negate the fact that the process of law was followed.

The legal system in the region is no nonsense and very effective. There are no decades long appeals processes. Trial, verdict, release or sentence. Done.