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Parental Alienation Syndrome Research -
I will also discuss the subsequent disturbed intimacies that the alienating child suffers later in life, and a case history of three generations of Parental Alienation ...

This article is fascinating and should be read by all alienators.

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What an amazing article. I forwarded it to my husband as this is what his ex did to him with their kids and I think he will find it extremely validating in regards to his princess brat. Thanks for posting this valuable information.

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I can relate to the part about the BM constantly accusing the father of cheating to cover her own cheating, this is exactly what my own mom did for years before my parents divorced - to this day I'm sure some of my siblings still believe our father was the cheater and liar and the reason the marriage didn't work, when in fact we all have proof it was our own mother Sad