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Meet cute/proposal shorts. Hopefully something fun and low drama.

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So, How did your's work?

"In that case, how about dinner?"

We are approaching our 30th wedding anniversary.

I had seen her a few times. The dinner invite was the first time we were in proximity to each other. She and a colleague of hers were venting about past relationships. During a breath break in their conversation, I interjected with a dinner proposal. We married 8mos later.

On the first one I crashed and burned. This one is looking good so far.

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Our meet cute isn't so cute but it worked. We met on match dot com. Remarkably we lived our entire childhoods in the same exact circles. We went to the same stores, ate at the same diner counter on Sunday mornings, ice skated on the same fire department rinks, we even had people in common but he went to a different school and it just never happened. So over 20 years ago, both divorced, both a bit unsure but both wanting to find a person to be our person, we signed up for match. Our first date/meet up was at a wrestling tourney and any man who braves a gym full of wrestlers and parents just to meet me is a keeper. 

Best decision I have ever made. And here we are a lifetime later, still happy and still living life together.

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Very cute. Meeting in person for the first time in a gym full of sweaty kids and cheering parents.  That is an origin story of note.

Congratulations to you both.

My niece and her DH, today is their 3rd anniversary, swiped right or whatever the term is.  A great couple.  My GrandNiece is due next month.

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My DH stood me up for a blind date.

I was set up with "the most eligable guy" in a place that was about an hour from where I lived by my friend's parents who had a vacation place on the water.  The community they lived in had a 4th of July party cruise and that was supposed to be my date with this guy.

Well..... he never showed up.  The next day the girls did a fishing charter and we had lots of fun, beer, etc.. and one of the mates heard us talking about Mr. Stand UP.  Turns out.. he knew him.. and called him and told him that he was an idiot for not showing up the night before.. the girl was pretty.. fun.. liked to drink a beer.  

So, as we were hanging back at the friend's house.. Mr. Stand Up and his friend show up.. he borrows one of the jet skis and takes me out for a ride.. all the way out around a light house ... and he said he never got told about the date.. haha (possible.. but  i also know he was not a huge fan of the cruise boat owner since they had some conflicting business dealings in the past.. so.. who knows). 

He was getting ready to deliver a ferry boat from the east coast down to Mississippi.. and we ended up talking daily while he was gone for over a month.. when he came back.. we eventually started dating.. then living together.. running a cruise boat business together and were married about 3 years to the day (I was NOT rushing

I still tell people he stood me up for my first date.

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I am sure you tease him about it not infrequently. If not, you should.


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I was working in Marseille as an English language assistant in a secondary school. During the weekends I went to work in a family hotel in the Alps (they were my second family). All in all, I worked 3 summer seasons and one winter there. Anyway, the boss didn't like me taking the train back to the city (the station at 10-11 pm on a Sunday evening was populated by an unsavoury fauna and it was a 5 hour trip so I wasn't really up to dealing with any nonsense after a hard weekend's work) so, every week, he tried to find me a ride back to the city with people he knew and trusted. I still had the return part to my ticket at the end of the season.

So on 13th March, it was DH. He took me back to my appartùment, I served him a coffee and he invited me to dinner on the Tuesday 13th March. I countered the invitation by saying OK, but dinner will be here and I'll be cooking. Tuesday arrived we had dinner and he never left.

This was in 1983 ...

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Your never ending first date occurred the year I graduated from high school.

Our first date lasted a weekend. I had been stood up on a date. I had made my proposal for dinner a few days before. I had her number after she left it for me with the receptionist at the place I had spoken with her.  I called, picked her and SS up for pizza and videos at my place, and we are still on our first date.  That was 1994.  Two days later she asked if we were going steady.  I lost it. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.  She was mortified.  Once I caught my breath and got the mental alignment that I was 29yo and was now going steady I told her "Sure, going steady works for me."

I tease her about it occassionally to this day.  She asked me to go steady.  That is what I get for asking an 18yo to go to dinner.  Though at that time, I did not know she was 18.  An 18yo with a kid was beyond my life experience up to that point.  

It is intriquing how first dates can be last dates as well. A first/last date that lasts.

Congratulations to you both on your 40+ years.....


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Thank you Smile

I actually thought he had one helluva cheek moving in without being invited but as I was going back to Scotland at the end of May, I decided to enjoy it while it lasted. Funny how things turn out sometimes, isn't it? I consider myself to have been very lucky to have found my Mr Right when I was only 22.

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To someplace you both enjoy.  Go ghost hunting?. Or one of those walks where you stop at different restaurants and get a bit to eat at each restaurants. What that restaurant is famous for?  Something fun. Wine flight  

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We met online. We had a lot in common with being active and wanting adventure. I asked him if he wanted to go to indoor rock climbing on our first date. He ended up showing off and lead climbing on the tall indoor ceiling cave. I called him Spiderman.. Climbing on the ceiling. Came to find out later he was an Olympic level rock climber in the late 90s ;) 

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Very cool.  So, that makes you MJ apparently.

Give rose

On a rock climbing note, I hacked around the climbing and spelunking community for a number of years in late 70s and early 80s.  I went to boarding school with some fairly successful competitive climbers.

My hands designed to climb as a 165lb long skinny guy do not work so well trying to climb with my 250lb 60yo body.  Though spelunking and getting stuck for a few weeks might be a good waist line reduction strategy.


Great first date story.


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It was a very niche scene back then. Much more mainstream now then it was, according to my husband.

When I first  met my husband I didn't know a thing about climbing and now we've climbed all over the world together 

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What an exciting adventure you have lived together.

My climibing pinacle was Eldorado Canyon near Boulder CO.  Garden of The Gods in CO Springs was my primary bouldering haunt in my early climbing days.  I did some notable climbs in Saudi Arabia before just about anyone climbed in Saudi Arabia. KSA is starting to get notable attention as a burgeoing climbing destination as they open up tourism in the Kingdom.  Their first certified climbing instructor is driving a ton of route development, etc....

Abha, Taif, Al-Ula, Dahran, Al-Hasa  are all places I did some climbing in my mid teens to mid 20s.  Notg always great rock, but, lots of fun.

Thanks for sharing your adventures.


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Aww. It's nice to see another side of the story. It makes sense that we would post about problems/issues here to get advice, but now I see the side that makes it all worth while. I wanted to share my proposal story. We had been together for 4.5 years, and had pretty much known from the beginning that we wanted to spend forever together in some capacity, most likely in marriage. One Sunday morning at church, I kept thinking about my future with dh. When I got home, I asked him where he was in his thinking about our future together. He looked a little agitated for a moment, and muttered, "you want to know about our future?" Then he went upstairs. I kind of knew but was confused what he was up to. He came downstairs with a ring and went down on one knee. He had planned to propose on a trip we planned for a few weeks after. But he decided just to do it then. We happened to have sparkling wine. We toasted, sipped on that, and danced to a play list he had made for the occasion with romantic, not too corny love songs. We laughed, cried, danced, laughed and talked about our past and future. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about that day. When we went on our trip, he pointed out to me the places he had planned to walk me through and where he would have proposed to me. We really liked how the proposal actually went though because we both wanted the same thing. It wasn't just his idea.

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Cray 2

Happy tears!


What an awesome proposal!

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It was his first night out after kicking toxic troll out. We made out like teenagers, and became friends for a little over a year.

I told him one night "hey I love you, do you love me? Ok, then lets do this!"

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I had graduated with my BS and moved out of State to start my career.  That started a long series of months where my lowest phone bill was nearly $700/mo.  

The first proposal, there were 3, was when I met her in her home town to meet her parents.  It is a bit awkward to meet your GF's family for the first time at a Denny's across the street from the hotel you about to take their DD to for the weekend.  Particularly when you are 30 and she is 18.  FDW had taken SS to SpermLand for a court hearing that the SpermClan yet again postponed.  She had given him to the SpermClan for the WE.   I met the whole family for the first time at the Denny's.  FFIL, FMIL, FBIL1, FBIL2, FSIL were all there.

DW and I had been dating for 5mos.

Proposal #1 about 5hrs into an all night fest of intimacy during what I must admit was a maestro peformance on my part.  To hedge the bets that she would say yes.

My timing was not great as it interupted an in process happy ending.  But she said YES! After grabbing both sides of my face and screaming "What did you just ask me?"


Proposal #2 was 3mos later when I called her and asked. "Have  you started classes yet for the semester?" She  had not I told her that I could not afford to talk to her anymore so we were going to have to get married and to get her tuition refunded, to return her books to the bookstore, and that I was sending my mother to help her pack.  Mom was already there getting our condo packed up for my brother and I to relo and sell.  So, they drafted a few of my Uni friends, moved DW's stuff to the condo for the relo company to pack with my and my brother/SIL/infant niece's stuff to get it packed and moved.  Mom, DW and SS joined me in CA about a week later.

The third proposal was a week before we eloped after she and SS had joined me in CA.  I bought the ring, put it in the glove box of my company car, and told DW when I got how from work that I had forgotten something that was for her in the glove box.  She went to the garage, found the ring. I heard her shreek from upstairs. So did all of our neighbors in the corporate apartment I was in.

The next week, we eloped to Love's Lake Tahoe Wedding Chapel in State Line NV.

Nothing incredibly romantic, but that is how it unfolded.

Since then we have raised SS, lived all over the world, and still enjoy every day together.

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We had been living together for a couple of years with massive ups and downs due to the step situation and BM, not to mention my deadbeat ex.  We had a nice rental house and my bio kids were finally in a great school district after a tumultuous few years since my divorce   (DS actually attended a different school for his first four years).  It was a very tumultuous period - I went back to work for awhile, left DH one weekend, was insanely jealous of BM, especially with him running over there on our first Christmas morning then later buying her a car (a Pinto). He seemed to be avoiding marriage.

I can't remember where things turned around but we decided to buy a house and get married.  I couldn't face the idea of a family wedding with all the upset and 3 wild SKs so we eloped to Las Vegas and were married at the courthouse.  Silly me, I took ID for both of us but in LV, no blood tests, no ID, I could have said my name was Minnie Mouse.

When we got home, we learned that SDthen12 had run away.  A harbinger of the future where she could make any occasion worse.

Fifty years later, as of next month, we are still in our house which has turned out to be an expando-house morphing for numerous situations.  We are still healthy at 79 and 86, our 5 kids are all doing their thing and all still speaking to us.  Lol.  We're lucky.


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IMHO you created your lock. As my dad says, luck is where preparation meets opportunity.  

Wow. 50 years.

What a wonderful testament to each of you and your partnership.  With the added bonus of solid outcomes for the kids.  Even the 12yo runaway.


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DH and I met (reluctantly) through a mutual friend who thought we'd be perfect for each other. I was perfectly fine single. DH was perfectly fine single. But she persisted, we both rolled our eyes, and finally agreed to a coffee date. It went very well, and DH said he'd call me. Alas, DH has zero game and didn't get my number. I didn't worry about it- he'd figure it out if he wanted to. He did.

We were engaged 8 months later, and married 11 months after that. 

Twelve years later, we still laugh about how he has no game.  Biggrin

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Lol.  Classic.  Good thing game is not a big draw for . Apparently any way.

Congratulations on your live together.


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We belonged to the same professional organization, worked together on a project (and I misspelled his name, discovered only AFTER it went to print). He said he fell in love with me over the phone.

We were the cutest conference couple for years, didn't marry until our youngest kids were out of high school. He proposed to me probably fifty times. Finally wore me down on New Year's Eve. I like bubbly just a little too much I guess.