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would u????

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I would do alot for skids but dont think I could do this.


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Lol. That will change.

When's sd was 4-6 she was a sweet heart.
She's 7 now...still a sweet heart BUT her attitude is getting worse. And eventually, I am sure, that attitude will take over.

Sorry but no. I couldn't ever do this.
I love my SD, but this is just too weird to me.

(I'd do it for my siblings though)

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I honestly dont think I could be a surrogate for anyone, biological, adopted, step or otherwise.
I just, yeah, couldnt do it.

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I dont get along with my skids. So it would be a no.

I wouldnt be a suggorate to anyone. If I am going to be pregnant, its going to be for a kid I am going to keep.

I wonder if the SM will want her own kid after carrying this baby?

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The women who have that kind of relationship with their step daughters are not on this site (for the most part). Even those who only have BM problems would probably not be inclined to get involved in that situation, which could just cause more problems.

Like some of the above have said, I would not do it for anybody but certainly not for my SD, who is quite fertile and capable on her own, as she has demonstrated.