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My Son's First Birthday part 2

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First off bm is not on my fb page not friends on there at all. I blocked her from that page. I don't block her completely because it will cause more problems so I make everything private only friends can view. I have even blocked most of the stuff from mil as well. Bm can't see anything on my page just that I have one. I blocked her from my event page and yet somehow she still found it and got on it. I don't know how. But I'm sick of her stalking my son. He is 7 months old and does not need this on his life ever.


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It's already causing issues. So... either you like the drama these "issues" bring you, or you don't. IF you don't like the drama, then BLOCK HER. Completely.
This isn't that complicated.

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PS facebook calls them friends not aholes i must keep in my life Wink

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Crazy I can handle, the problems are much bigger then that. Like if you block me your blocking ss. So you can't see him or talk to him. We don't have the money to get a lawyer to sue for custody. We are biding our time till we can. So if I block her that means she wins. She get ss and judges when we finally can go to court will say where have you been. He doesn't know you.