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Deleting Posts

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Is it a new feature to allow the person who starts a thread to delete posts on it?

If so, is this something we REALLY want?

It allows people to slant things to look as if their ideas are getting much more support than they actually are.

It seems that opinions that don't totally agree are being wiped out left and right.

Now I personally think it's a very childish thing to do and it demonstrates a definite insecurity on the part of the person doing the deleting but still, if we take the time to write a well thought out response, designed to make people think and the op doesn't like it because it doesn't 100% back up their opinion, should they really be allowed to hit the delete button?

There is a particular blog put up today which chastises someone for posting negative responses. I wrote what I thought was a nice reply designed to make people think of it from another perspective. I was not disrespectful at all in my reply but it didn't agree with the person who started the blog so guess what? It's gone!

Basically, I said that it might help those who are feeling very jaded and bad to post on their situation and who cares if they discuss their personal situation in every entry they make? I also said that we are all adults here and that if someone posts about a situation, gets 10 replies and only ONE of those replies tells them to run away, that it will never get any better then it's up to the person to decide whether or not to follow that advice, that we should take some responsibility for how much control we let strangers on the internet have over our lives.

Anyway, my opinion wasn't 100% in line with the person's who started the blog so my contribution was deleted as if it never existed.

I don't know, is that the kind of site we want? What good is a site where differing opinions are removed and bloggers manipulate the threads to make it look like everyone agrees with them?


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A blog is a journal of sorts, and belongs to the creator in theory. It is their thoughts and feelings, others comment, sometimes they get blognapped by opposing opinions. Since in theory the blog belongs to the creator, they have the ability to delete things they find abrasive/offensive/argumentative whatever they feel is inappropriate. I think with the intent from Admin with allowing for deleting on blogs is to stay on the topic of the original author. The Forum is just that an open forum, open for discussion and debate and no one person can delete from the forum.

This was just my perception of the changes that were made, and I could be off base. Was just my thoughts on it.

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Precisely correct HennyPen. Blogs belong to the blogger and our intent is to give the blogger control of their blog content, including comments. It's the bloggers choice as to what they do with comments on their own blog.

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I have no issue with it.

People had issues with other posters starting fires on their blogs, Dawn admin did the only thing they can short of kicking accused off malice and ill-intented posters, and gave us the option to delete on our own blogs.

What else was she supposed to do, kick people off every time they post something that someone else deems "offensive"? Stuck between a rock and a hard place I'd say. Unless they are actually kicking people off and I haven't been informed of this?!?! Maybe that is the case too... who knows?!

I guess they decided our blog, our decision? At any rate. I am finding it interesting the blogs that end up deleted. Almost more entertaining than the blog itself.

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Of course it will. All we have to do is keep going on about how drama will ensue anyway, and likely, that will cause some drama in itself. Wink

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I don't think I've written a blog since the site came back up. I can understand where I would like to have that "delete" option available to me, though. Not for the sake of avoiding conflicting opinions, but I know that several people have written blogs & they pretty much lost any hope of getting replies to what they blogged about. Those posts end up being completely useless to that author, & end up becoming battlegrounds for those who let their tempers flair.

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If people chose to delete input from other based soley on the fact that they dont agree with what the original poster is saying then they are losing out on personal growth. Continue to give your opinion and if they delete it then they delete it. Im sure most of us have been on here long enough to know whos post we want to comment on based on past experiances with bad communication. So my advice to you now would be not to post on that persons blogs anymore.

I also think we need to not go overboard with flagging things as offensive. The original poster didnt mention anyone by name. The person in question identified themselves, which is on them. I wouldnt have know who she was talk about had she not identified herself. Just remember when you flag something as offensive then the Dawn and Admin have to reivew all the content to please be respectful of them and the work it will cause them.

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yes I did identify myself because i thought i should.dawn and admin created these changes for us to use and by telling people they are childish for using the tools available is basically slapping dawn and admin in the face saying their changes are not good enough and cause trouble.if she did not like having her comments deleted she always had the option of messaging me in private rather than creating a soapbox post about the delete option being a terrible was offensive and insults the people who worked hard to bring those changes to us.

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I agree she could have PMd you. These changes happend in ST because of situations like this ... she said childish then you say panties in a wad and then it goes from there. You could have just flagged it and then not commented as Dawm and Admin have asked us to do a million times. Trust me I know its hard not to defend yourself Smile but when you dont feed the flames there is no fire. Now when Dawn or Admin look at this blogs content they will see the remark you made also. Just something to think about in the future because I do like the input you give i would hate to lose anymore people because of arguments.

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Oh no, it was a simple difference of opinion. Not offensive at all - unless you are offended by people looking at things from a different perspective than you have.

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I explained it in the first post.

She was saying people shouldn't make negative comments on blogs (that's paraphrasing generously - you can read it, it's still here) and I said maybe it was therapeutic for people who are very angry and bitter to make negative comments, that it might actually help them to heal and that I didn't think it was a huge danger to those looking for advice because if you come here looking for advice, get 10 replies and only one of those replies says 'get out, it will never get better' then most people wouldn't change their lives based on that one piece of advice from a total stranger on the internet. I said that we should all be adult enough and responsible enough to weed through the replies and choose what, if any, advice to act on.

That's basically it. I phrased it a bit differently but not offensively at all. It was a contradictory opinion to the opening one though and it was deleted. She didn't delete my other post, directly above it, where I didn't express a different opinion to hers.

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"I also think we need to not go overboard with flagging things as offensive."

"Just remember when you flag something as offensive then the Dawn and Admin have to reivew all the content to please be respectful of them and the work it will cause them."

I agree. I enjoy this site, & I truly benefit from the opinions & different views I get here. I really missed it while it was down & am thankful for the time Dawn & Admin put into keeping it going. I think the bickering & back-and-forthing about things for the sake of trying to prove a point that obviously isn't going to be accepted by the opposing party is a complete waste of time when they're having to spend their own personal time tending to things that are flagged as "offensive" simply as part of a game. They've mentioned other changes they'd like to put in place. If they weren't having to waste their time dealing with all of the petty stuff, maybe some of those changes could be implemented sooner rather than later.

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honestly?...I don't even like to post or comment here anymore...the flack I got for being 100% honest with a poster here made me think...if u don't pat the OP on the back, yur comments aren't wanted...oh well...thank God the women who told me to stop whining so much when I first came here were able to say what the really felt, cuz it made me such a better SM today Smile

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I myself do delete my post after a few days. has nothing to do with who comment what on it. I just feel personally that once that post is done with, no sence of having it. and move on to the next one....

correction... I delete my whole post (blog/thread) not peoples comments.

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That's exactly how I feel Ms. Freeze...scared to speak my mind..well not really scared, but very cautious if what I say.....isn't that sad?

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It is not something I would do. And it is not a feature that I like at all. But it is your personal blog so if you want to delete something, then I guess that is your own personal prerogative.

I will look at blogs a skeptically now that they can be altered so much. I will probably be at the forums more, because they can’t be messed with. (I think)

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PC on a message board. That is sad. I also think we have enough conflict in our real lives that we don't need to encourage any more, especially with nameless, faceless people on a public forum.

I think a better feature to have is the ability to "ignore" This way, you won't ever see the responses from the people you don't want to hear from.

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I think a better feature to have is the ability to "ignore" This way, you won't ever see the responses from the people you don't want to hear from.


I agree!!

Is this blog rapidly disappearing!!??

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I like the new option. It is our blogs and we should be able to monitor it. If you don't like the option go to Ivillage. They have no problem with hostile posters.

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If it's disappearing it's because someone whined about it. It wasn't/ isn't me deleting it.

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Oh, yes, it's disappearing.

Apparently some people can't handle having the tiniest thing said which disagrees with them. That's so sad.

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WOW!! Why would they be deleted? That is strange. I thought only the blogger is the only one that can delete post!!

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I for one am glad I was never able to delete the posts that I didn't want to read about my situation...when I first came here I am sure I would have probably deleted the "tough love" ones if I was able to...but I think that is how we grow, when we think..."hmmmm...maybe I should try that"...disenting opinions at least make lots of people think...

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they can be deleted if they are reported as offensive and Jezebel says she did that.

Would Dawn or Admin please verify that YOU are deleting the posts and that I am not?

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OK, this is just too childish.

What exactly is the situation now? Does every post made have to satisfy a certain few or they get deleted?

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I think they're trying to put out fires without deleting your whole blog. I'd find it far worse to have the whole blog deleted instead of just the few comments made here and there.

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I takes two sides to have dialogue....this is censorship, imo...why would these comments get deleted?...what was offensive?...I'm confused...

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All I know is Jezebel said she reported it as 'offensive' and said I had 'my panties in a wad' she said she didn't delete my post on her blog (which has disappeared completely now) because I had a different opinion but that she deleted it 'because I just don't like you'.

Then they started getting deleted all over the place.

I didn't report anything as offensive and I didn't delete anything. I'm a grown up and a few different opinions don't bother me in the least. I have no need to try to hide other opinions as if they didn't exist.

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Can we please stop with the drama on this post? This is getting really old. The site hasnt even been back up for that long

Admin, Dawn - You can see the people on this post that are causing problems even after you started deleting comments. That should have been enough of a hint to those who are posting rude comments. I think you should delete their accounts lol }:)

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:sick: Admin, Dawn - You can see the people on this post that are causing problems even after you started deleting comments. That should have been enough of a hint to those who are posting rude comments. I think you should delete their accounts lol --------- Don't mock, they already have to certain people........ :sick:

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Don't mock, they already have to certain people........
Really? I wonder. Is this a fact, or just rumors?