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Another "excellent parenting choice" by BM

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LOL- years ago, in an email response to DH addressing his concerns of the kids watching inappropriate television, staying up too late, eating too much junk, etc...BM told him that she makes "...excellent parenting choices" and that every single thing she does is done with her sons' best interest in mind.

So last night, after they flew back from London and drove the three-hour trip back home from the airport, skids were exhausted and just wanted to sleep. But rather than just putting them the hell to bed or keeping them up at her house and dealing with jet lag however she's supposed to deal with it, she insisted that DH come pick them up. After all, she had PLANS. But don't worry- she had told the boys about all the wonderful things they'd be doing with DH- celebrating Christmas this morning, and who knows what else she made up (since she couldn't possibly know what we had planned or even if their stepsiblings would be here!!) So they got up at 3:30am. Plus after two weeks with her, they have been entertained constantly, followed no rules, name it. Let the relearning begin.

Just had to vent. Incidentally, I'd love to know how any of you world-traveling Steptalkers deal with jet lag in children? My bible for kids' sleep, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, surprisingly doesn't address this issue. My thought is nap today, normal bedtime tonight, and they should sleep through til normal-ish time tomorrow, being seven and resilient and all. Am I way off?


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Hey...jet lag is a biatch! I would personally SKIP the naps & have them go to bed early (unless you want them staying up to ring in the New Year)...they may wake up early tomorrow but IMHO, it's the best way to catch up on the hour difference.