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Is biomom remarried???

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So biomom does have a live in boyfriend, slash fiance, she acts though he is the great at almight SD. Even has the kids calling him dad... So I have been in the picture for 4-1/2 years him about the same time, and I have seen him maybe 5 times. He is never at the games, practices, anything. When ever we see biomom at something, you would think sd would be somewhere. He's never there. Why is that, yet she makes them call him dad. I was just wondering when and if they ever do get married (doubt that they will) does it get better or worse for us.....


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Bio-mom has had a boyfriend for the last 5 years. Actually 6, if you count the year they snuck around behind thier respective spouses backs. They lived together for 4 years ..she has since moved back to her mother's but they still date.

He's a no show for ball games, etc., but more significantly he wasn't there for the 1st grandchild's christening....I mean everyone was there...Huge family event.

Don't know where he'll be for the 2nd grandchild's christening coming up this year...

And the youngest SD was asking about whether to invite so-&-so to her wedding next summer so her Mom will have someone to talk to. Where's bio's BF? Isn't he going? Can't she talk to him?

Honestly, I think he is embarrassed about what the NutJob might say & do. SD tells us that one of the biggest fights the happy couple had was after we saw them in a grocery store parking lot and she began screaming obscenities at me & BF at the top of her lungs. Then circled around us with her car after we walked mouth off some more. Her BF was mortified! If he's going to enjoy her company it's probably best to keep her out of sight and behind locked doors...........

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Dear Flamin' Mama,
Sounds like biomom is really driving you crazy, keeping you in a continual state of flux. It is pretty much an intentional thing, set out to keep you off kilter, off balance most of the time. Because, you see now, that you spend a lot of time wondering what's going on there.....and yet, you don't directly ask her? It's like this, she's done this, because she either wants you to ask her about it, or it enjoying keeping you off kilter. My SK's biomom has been through a string of men so we would hear about a new one from time to time, or see one once in a awhile. Sometimes they accompanied her to events, sometimes they didn't. It is pretty much going to be her preogative when she has the SK address her "friend/boyfriend/husband" as. If the kids are older, they will pretty much go with what's most comfortable. If they're younger, biomom, will usually go with "dad", because it usually goes against the grain of the natural "biodad" who inherently doesn't appreciate it. Biomom will normally yank your husband's chain whenever possible. Most of the time, these women won't remarry as they don't want to mess up a good thing with support.

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It's been my experience that children will do what will keep the parent they're with happy. If calling biomom's BF dad makes thier life with biomom go smoother, & it doesn't offend them, they will. My situation is why the hell they call biomom Mom anymore? If you see your children less than 10 evenings a year & call them less than 15 times a year, how are you being a Mom.