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Oh, come on!

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Got a post from DH's cousin on FB. It was a screenshot of BM talking on a page:

BM > "I had sex in high school and got pregnant" (Not actual page but close enough)

Please post for me i need some advice

Yesterday my 3 year old daughter asked me y
her daddy doesnt want to see her and if it
was her fault im not sure wat an age
appropriate response would be.

"I had sex in high school and got pregnant"
posting for you now hon

Thank u

You want advice?? LET HER SEE HIM YOU DUMB.... Rawr...

Copied. Pasted. Sent to lawyer. Proof of bond (Point 1 of MI-CCA). Thank you BM! Blum 3


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Fortunately not all single teen moms are crazy bitches. My bride was 16 when she had SS-21. The SpermIdiot was 22. She never denied visitation and we made sure that we never caused SS to separate from a relationship with his SpermClan. As an adult he has chosen to pretty much detach from them due to their manipulative vitriolic toxic crap. Once he turned 18 while on his final visitation neither the SPermIdiot or either of the SpermGrandParents or SpermClan Aunts and Uncles has bothered to so much as text him. He does speak SpermIdiot Spawned out of wedlock half sib #2 occassionally but #3 and #4 he has little use for and they make no effort with him. When he he has visited them it is on his dime. Interestingly, we he visits us or my family we pay for his travel costs.

Crazy does not always have to be on the CP side of the blended family equation.

But, in your case ... it sounds that BM is still using her child to manipulate for sympathy points. F-in loser that she appears to be, that is not a surprising thing.