Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Blended Family / Step Son Has a school event coming up and only wants Bio Mom and Bio Dad to go to

Blended Family / Step Son Has a school event coming up and ONLY wants Bio Mom and Bio Dad to go to. I have a problem with this...

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Does anyone else feel like they may have made a mistake?

Hi all,

Just wanted to give you a bit of background to my situation. Bear with me. It may be very long.

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My 8 year old special needs skid has lice - and I'm disengaged

I got the call from school this morning that my 8 year old special needs SD has LICE. I told them to call her father.

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Need advice! Going crazy!

I will try to make this short. My husband and I were together when we were in high school. We separated for 10 years and got back together 2 years ago and got married.

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Need Stepparent Advice

I'm currently engaged to a wonderful and amazing woman but the problem is with her kids.

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My stepson abuses me and husband blames me


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How do you find peace has a SM?

Hello all,

My SD and I have grown close throughout the 19 years we have known each other. Of course we are a work in progress.

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Sharing netflix account with ex

Recently I found out my partner is still sharing a netflix account and now TV with his ex girlfriend. He pays for one and she pays for the other.

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Don't Want Anything To Do With 2 Year Old Stepson

I am very glad I found this website.. I just signed up because I am bottling so much in and need to talk to someone who understands. I have a 2 year old stepson who will be 3 later this month.

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How Likely Is It?

Hi Everyone,