Blended Family Issues

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my SPOUSES step children from previous gf

Does anyone else have a spouse/husband/bf/fiance who has their own step children from a previous relationship with someone else.

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Rude teenage SD's

Skids been at their mother's all week. On the Sunday mornings that SD15 is with BM we usually go pick her up and take to church. This morning she texted me saying SD18 would be bringing her.

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So I have read up about disengagement but I am having a hard time.

It is not my first attempt at it.

If I am doing it right, why do I feel like a total witch?

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Girlfriend and her two kids moved in

Im 44 and my GF and I have been dating a couple years. She moved in with me about 6 months ago with her 3yr old daughter and 6yr old son and I think we both immediately knew it was a mistake.

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I dont know how to help my partner (step parent)

Hi everyone, im sorry to post in here as im not the step parent but i need some advise for my partner or advice for me im not to sure...

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Should I stay or should I go?

So I am wavering. Can I continue to live this way or should I cut my losses and run.

The issues are many and varied.

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Estranged Step daughter back

My 15 year old SD has been estranged for m from us almost 2 years ( most of the time we've been married) and has suddenly decided she wants to be a part of our family again.

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New here- boyfriend and I are trying to blend families- need help!

My boyfriend has a 15 year old daughter and I have 3 kids, boy 14,girl 12 and boy 9.
The kids get along well and we spend every other weekend doing a joint activity.

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Husband making vacation plans without me

My husband and I are newly married. We are currently living in separate homes, an hour drive apart, as my youngest is a junior in HS. The plan is that I will move when youngest graduates 2017.

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Something Borrowed was Lost - Appropriate Resolution

My two daughters and I have been living with my SO for three years now and things have been going fine. Recently something occurred that I'd like to get advice from the ladies on here.