Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Thanks everyone....Disengaging question?

First thanks for all the advice and just plain support, it helps to know that I am not the only one with these feelings and anger toward a SKid.

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Need advice, I am tired, anger and disgusted with SD13....

Some may remember my earlier tells of SD13, I have never seen a child so nasty, disrespectful and rude.

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Ex changing weekends again!!!

Sad Hi all
I h
Am here because I just need to let off steam and check I am not being hyper sensitive.
My husband has 2 children who his ex wife decides when he sees them.

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Don't know what I should do?

I'll start from the beginning when my partner and I started our relationship he had his 3 children with him at his parents because his ex was using drugs and prostituting.I have a daughter of my own a

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New here, need to vent

Ok. So I am 38 weeks pregnant with my 3rd daughter. This will be my boyfriend and I's first child together. I have 2 daughters 3, and 7 (8 in october). He has 2 daughters 2.5, and 6, and one son 4.

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Good God, help here?

My problem:

I have rewritten this post probably 4 times to avoid too much context.

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Dd was molested by husband daughter

Sad I just found out my just turned 15 yr old daughter was molested by my she 20 year old daughter. This happened 6 yrs ago .

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if only blended families were more like blended fruity drinks...

this may be long. apologies in advance.

my fiance has two kids, a daughter who is 11 and a son who is 8. fiance and i are expecting a child of our own in about five weeks. (super excited!!!)

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How to understand

My boyfriend and I have been together 15 months and been living together for approx. 11 months. He knows my parents and all three of my kids. I have never met his kids.

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sd regression

So, my stepdaughter is bedwetting. This didn't start happening until the bio mom started calling and talking to the kids.