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Trouble in BM LaLaLand

DH got the kids back last night from their summer visitation with BM and the skids would not shut up about how bad it is at BM's.

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SD the problem child! Help?!

My little SD7 is becoming a major problem child. She is absolutely gorgeous and adorable, silly and fun and I like the kid quite a bit under normal circumstances. But lately... she is just fresh!

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Advice on long distance visitation/resentment please.

BM offered DH use of her home (she will go stay with her sister) so that DH can spend time with his kids in their state of residence.

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Parent time is DH's time, not mine.

I have been married 3 years. No kids of my own and not wanting any ever. Husband has 2 that live out of state. As long as I've known him, we have seen them a maximum of 8 days per month.

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SD taking my clothes - still!

Got to rant & vent.

SD just called me to get her wireless speaker from her room for her man to come & collect (as that is where she is ATM££.

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Not Attending My SD's Second Wedding SD is getting marred next week and I will not be there. I love my husband but I cannot go to this ordeal in good faith and put on a smile. She's 25 and I've been in her life since 2008.

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6 yo SD already has jealousy

SD6, SO and myself were sitting out front last night with our neighbours. The neighbours 3 yo daughter asked to sit on my lap, I said sure. My SD ran over and pulled her off.

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The Aunt of my step kids

Hi I'm a stepmom of 2 ages 9&11 girls. My husband has 2 sisters, one he's very close with and one he doesnt get along with...the one he doesn't get along with lives in another state.

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What To Do For Stress Free Moving Process

When you want to shift to the new location leaving your old one, you simply think about your precious belongings as they are very precious for you.

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Well my title says it all. Husb and I have nottt been getting along for quite a while. Last month we only had intimacy One time. My period was due About July 1 thru 4.