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Anything goes in this forum that doesn't fit in another more specific forum.
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Irresponsible husband- I am livid

DH's buddy planned a last minute trip with his 11 year old daughter to the lake this weekend.

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need advise


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OT- speak out against sexual violence

My baby sister sent this to me and it made me tear up:

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DH picking up BM's crap

An update to my previous posts:

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What is going on in H’s head??!!

SD 19 (well 18 at that time) visited of her own accord over Memorial Day weekend. On Father’s Day, 3 weeks later, she actually called H…while she was on vacation with BM!

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Looking for opinions - Relatively new stepdad

Hi everyone. I was glad to find this forum dealing with the whole step parenting issue. I have struggled with a few things lately and it would be great to hear what others think.

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OT- Experienced healthcare workers please

Hello all, it's almost Friday- yay! For those of you who work on the weekend, my apologies Eye-wink

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Parenting/Step parenting help

Let me start this with I know hitting at almost 2 is normal. But BS (almost 2) only hits on the weeks SS (7 years) is at our house. SS is at our house every other week.

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I'm new here and I need help.

I just joined, this is my first post, and I haven't even really had time to lurk, I just need help trying to make sense of my life right now. I really hope you all can be part of that.

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New schedule

Need some advice for my situation. I'm both a BM and a step parent so I try to think of it from both sides.