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Holiday help!

Until recently the custody orders never specified who has what Holiday. BM and DH have been separated for many years now.

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Going on an adventurous trip with my family.


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My wonderful DH has taken his own life

I don't know how many of you remember me or any of our story. Started with a jealous BM who was pissed about our house, and turned the whole thing into a competition, screwing with the kids.

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I've been told multiple times I "resemble" BM, and it is started to really irritate my SO!

This is really just something that is so, so minor! But, my SO's family is really having a hard time separating me from BM.

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9 Year old says Dada?

Is it normal for a 9 year old boy to still call his father "dada"? My husband thinks this is normal, and I think he is wrong, so looking for some other opinions on this.'s picture

Should DH go to court over Ex-SF

SD9 lives EOW with us 50/50. BM informed DH that she is divorcing her current husband but he doesn't want to sign the papers. They've been married for 3 years.

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Being financially and mentally stressed

I feel ashamed to admit it but most of our issues with my stepson and his mother are my fault, although my sweet husband never says it.

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One more rant. Bf is now friends with Bm and her kids

Have so much on my mind. My best friend or so I thought she was my best friend is a traitor. I get on Facebook snooping because something's my dh told me today has me up and a bit bothered.

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Does your dh let BM think he cares to keep him out of court?

Is it fair dh let's BM think he cares when he listens to her vent about her problems like her having problems in her new marriage and maybe getting a divorce?

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Disney Grandma and over attachment

I know grand parents are there to spoil and pamper on their grand kids, but my DH and I think my MIL is over the top.