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Nothing new, really

Haven't been here for awhile.

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Hi everyone!

I had a security issue yesterday so I've changed some things- realised I do need to be here, just need to be a little more discreet I think!

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Bio mum slapping my skids

Today was a shock as me and my partner had his 2 sons in the car and one hit the other and we told him off and he said but mummy does it....

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What's Reasonable for Helping with SD While On Sick Leave from Work?

So as many of you know, I'm 27 weeks pregnant and really looking forward to baby getting here!

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OT - Prepositions... and Millennial Idiocy

I was watching something brainless on TV this morning and the topic was grammar pet peeves. I posted on FB, "Friends don't let friends end sentences in prepositions".

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Disengagement gone wrong

Does anyone have any examples of down sides to disengaging from skids? Just curious. I haven't had an issue, other than her feelings are hurt that I'm not pouring in my attention.

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Bio doesn't know what size underwear the kids wear... I think we should take her Mom card away...

Bio called DH after 930PM last night to ask what size underwear she should buy the children. I kid you not...

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Need advice!


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BM fires up parental alienation, I'm at a loss

I am having a hard time getting my heart in the right place about a situation that has reared it's head recently.

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Now I'm the villian...

So my husband told his ex about me moving out due to my issues with their brat kid and she apparently freaked out.