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Just Curious

Ok first my disclaimer: I have no problem with DH seeing his children multiple times a week. After all he is their dad. Now with that said....

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Husband NOT ASSERTIVE with discipline!!!!

My husband seems to lack discipline when it comes to my SS. He likes to think he can put fear in them....NOT. This doesn't set well with me. Any ideas as to why? Is it guilt?

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New Stepmom Needs Advise


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My DH agreed to 4 hour ROFR when he divorced his ex. Ex wanted 2 hours (Which I find either to be ridiculous) This was prior to us being together.

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The cellphone dilemma

SS who is in elementary school came home with a phone last week. "Emergency only" but apparently he gets texts from BM and SD. I have a huge problem with a 7 year old having a phone in my house.

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Usually just talk, not action from DH, so I probably shouldn't worry about SD moving here!

If H actually followed through on even half the things he says he's going to do, I might believe him, but seeing as how 95% of it is just talk and 5% action, then I really don't think I need to worry

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Bio plans "errands" for my DH to run with the stepkids on "his time" with the kids.

Bio plans "errands" for my DH to run with the stepkids on "his time" with the kids. I just think this is another way for her to control his time with the kids.

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So angry at DH and need to know if i'm being irrational...

As many know, I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant. I'm still working full-time. My husband works full-time as well.

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OT - Give Me Your Best Freezer Recipes!

Hi everyone!

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Stirring the Bees nest Tonight with Exwife.

I had to pick up SK on Friday (a 3 hr round trip) because my Dh had to work late. It happens and it is usually no issues.