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Think I'm done now :(

Been on the forum before. Basically been married over 3 years now. I have no kids myself. Ss moved in immediately supposedly for a year. He's was 27 then, now 30. Bone idle tosser.

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For a friend - Warnings about becoming a SM

I work with a sweet young lady who is only 28 and dating a man with 2 small children. They are talking marriage and I just cringe when I hear her stories.

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Absolutely no home training!!!!

I went into the kitchen to start prepping for dinner. DH and I have tray tables in the living room. SS15 is sitting in a chair with his legs on the tray table. We EAT ON THOSE.

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Partner says I love you to ex wife

I am need of confirmation or a reality check...

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Stepson with crazy mom!!

So long story short we haven’t seen my stepson in quite awhile and my four year old is asking why. I told him that his mom is being naughty and my husband got mad.

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BM schedules another dr appt and guilt trips DH

I have posted on here numerous times about BM scheduling things without talking to DH, then guilt tripping him if he can't make it. Last time it was a dr appointment on a Wed at 10a.m.

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Too much contact with ex husband?

My partner (we live together) is a divorced woman. She has 2 children. I have no objection to her and her ex attending events together now and again, say school prizegiving ceremonies.

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16 year old new driver - need constructive advice please

So my SD16 got her license this summer. She is with us every other week. BM ranted that no teenager without a job, etc. should not get a car and my husband agreed.

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Intermittent Reinforcement

In the 1950s, behavioral psychologists experimented with learning by rewarding caged rats with a food pellet every time the rats pressed a lever.

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it's always something!!!