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Restraining order

So I made the mistake of getting drunk and slapping my ex's son on the chest and spitting at him because I had gotten so fed up with how he used to bully my 5 year old son and my ex not doing anything

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Ugh, don't know what to do

Recently SD15 has undergone some weird change in her behavior that happened with in minutes.

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Why is it my fault?

I've mentioned this before in a few of my posts, but the more I wrap my head around it, the more it confuses the hell out of me.

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Im new.. need to get this out..

Im new here, my first post, but I need to get this out. I WILL go read through others experiences and advice, but I am a crying mess and at my wits end.

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Does spouse have right to relocate with bio kids?

So Ill give you guys the fast version. Stepson 14 tries to cook 11:30 at night. Causes a huge argument. I push him he gets in my face and starts yelling.

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Keeping sanity

It's a transition period for me for sure. Trying to figure everything out, although I kind of have a good idea.

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Is This Thing Normal?

Good morning all! Childfree, full time step parent here, looking for some advice on whether certain behaviors are normal for a 12 y/o girl.

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SS problems

Hi everyone,

ss6 has been getting in trouble, and I'm at a loss for what to do. SS6

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So, SD18 stopped talking to DH the minute she turned 18. Hasn't talked to him in six months (I'm sure at her mothers behest). BM is demanding that he help pay for SD's college. NO GO lady.

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this is not a SKids Post - Its in regards to my MIL

Hey Everyone,

It's been quite a while since i last posted. Life has been busy.

Things are going well with the Skids and bio son. so that's not the issue.