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SS Ended his life too

I was in a while back after DH took his own life in January. I warned CPS to be very careful with SS14, and returning his placement to BM.

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Lives full-time in a Camper!

I'm back.

Been on hiatus- and have come back to ST, less 2skids at home, and its great to only have one going concern now.

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Upset about paying for two households

Has any other stepparent dealt with a stepchild who constantly compares the two houses and demands everything to be equal?

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Welcome to hell


I've posted before about my 8 year old step-daughter who lives with me fulltime (has done for 5 years) because bioMum is a total booze soaked nutjob (that's actually a compliment....).

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BM's parents want to come for a visit

Just a little background: Bio mom is deceased, two years now. So her parents only contact with SD12 is through us.

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My stepson scares the crap out of me

So I met my soulmate, a man I feel I can't live without. He has full custody of his 2 sons. His oldest son has ADHD.

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Sociopathic step child?

Hello everyone,

I've been reading for quite a while but lost my old details.

I am interested in your opinions and if anyone has gone through what I have.

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I am somewhat new to this site. Meaning I have never posted anything. Just like to read others who vent with life dealings just like me as a stepparent.

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great article on being a step parent!

Hey everyone!

I encourage you to read this article!! It really helped me alleviate some stress/pressure this morning ❤️

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"Little" White Lies

Wondering if anyone else is having trouble with this with their spouse or significant other.