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BM’s Husband – Just venting

BM’s husband rubs me the wrong way and I can’t quite put my finger on WHY?

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Natural Consequences

DH and I have had a hell of a year. DH is one month in remission after a battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, diagnosed this past July.

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Help, I don't know what to do and don't think I can take this any longer.

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A Christmas Laugh

Thought I'd post this to make you guys laugh.

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My mom doesn't know I'm pregnant

So I'm early in my 2nd pregnancy and have told everyone except my mom, her boyfriend and adult siblings who live with her.

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Am I being materialistic??

I don't know if I what I'm feeling could be considered of those of a 'gold digger' or materialistic.

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Do we ever have a right to complain?

Do we ever get to have the right to complain about SK to DH? Even if DH has said the same thing?! Double standards huh?

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When my husband has his 11 yr old daughter at our house, he will crawl into her bed and snuggle for their one on one movie night - which is every night - and shuts the door.

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Do any of you feel like this life has changed you?

Before I met my husband I was care free, I had friends and great fun hobbies and money to spend. I now have a 6 year old SD a 15 month old bio son and a daughter of my own on the way. In the course of my marriage my husband has left me 4 times. I have had altercations with my inlaws over their complete favortism of my SD. My SD and i used to be somewhat close but after I had my son my priority shifted she became jealous (still is) and now that I'm pregnant nauseas and tired I just don't have energy to work for a relationship that's not working (me and SD). My husband tells me h

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Did your living situation w/skids change AFTER u got together?

When I moved here to NY, the idea was... that I would only have to live with/deal with ONE of my skids, and only for a year. I thought 'sure, I can definitely do THAT!'