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BM totally blindsided DH with lawsuit

I can't believe my first few posts were about my frustration with how BM treats me. What a difference a few days makes! My DH got a letter from BM's lawyer saying she's going to file contempt on him!

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Freaking out reagrding travel costs (international) after thinking it was settled.

I've gotten some great advice here on my previous posts regarding border crossings and moving so I'm hoping someone may have some helpful insight yet again. For reference SO is custodial parent.

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Manipulative Bio-Mom

I am the bonus mom to a precious 11 year old daughter. A little back ground..we get SD from Thursday after school until Monday before school.

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It's here! It's here!

So a few weeks ago I posted about our CS possibly being terminated because my SD16 has been living with us for over a year. Well, today the tables FINALLY turned in our favor!

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That mouth

So how many of you have BM's that feel that the child is just "expressing themselves" when they talk like a sailor? So yesterday SD (14) was told she could not have a friend spend the night.

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FiL drunk and mil smart comments

This maybe kinda long so I apologize.

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I spent the $1.99 if anyone wants to read the drivel that Aalto was pushing.

Send me a PM if you want to read it, or I can type it in.
Funny that she calls herself her stepson's mom while posting but in the nausea inducing book, she is Mama-bear.
I feel for that kid....

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Snotty 12 fixing to be 13, is a crap stirrer

She doesn't realize she's a shit stirrer but I can see it, as well as her dad.

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Damn it! It looks like SD IS coming up for Memorial Day weekend :(

So much for looking forward to a long weekend without SD. It's been 4 weeks since there's been any kind of contact with H and SD besides a few "likes" on Facebook. No calls, no texts.

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Exciting news, I'm pregnant! I have SD18 who is now at uni and SD11 who visits EOWE.