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Sick and tired of being sick and tired of bs

i have gotten to were I just give up. Every time I say something that obviously bothers me, dh gets loud. He doesn't realize he gets loud but he does. His daughter fixing to be 13 is a damn slob.

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Lets face it there are many issues in ST life other than someone's use of words. BUT, I can not take it anymore.

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A letter from a SAHM to her breadwinner husband.

Equity partnerships work. That can include sole breadwinner & SAHP partnerships. One brings home the bacon... the other fries it up in a pan.

I enjoyed this read.

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Dh noticed some sarcasm, wow

We were working on dinner. Dh was grilling. I was bringing him a clean plate. Ss12 comes out asking about going to friends house. Dh looks at me, then him and tells him dinner is almost done.

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Behind my Back

I have always gone out of my way to treat my step kids better than they'd ever expect a stepmom to..and thus my 14 year old told me that I'm the best stepmom she could ever ask for, that she loves spe

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Follow Up To Mentally Ill BM

First of all, people living in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, cannot properly comment on U.S. laws as they are completely different.

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I'M FREE!!! :)

Hi! I haven't been here in a long time, but I wanted to say that I'M FREE! DH and I separated in June. My boys and I have been living in an apartment since then, which isn't ideal, but MY GOD.

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The Typical BM-Mentally Ill Whether Diagnosed or Not

We all see the common thread running through here. BM fits the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, or BiPolar Disorder or has been diagnosed with such.

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Is now the time to begin disengagement?

SD is now 10 and in middle school (she skipped a grade). 90% of the time we get along but because BM has primary custody, SD has picked up her rude behavior and developed disgusting habits.

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New school year...

Ss starts school tomorrow. He is already having a major attitude. Just trying to stay far away from it. Im looking into mommy n me stuff, so i hopefully will not be here at the time ss gets home.