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SIL Problems: How do I help?

Last night SIL went to the ER and had .42 BAL and the doctor was surprised she wasn't dead and was fighting them.

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OT - how to stay awake

Anyone have any tips on how to stay awake and focused at work? I was up most of last night stressed about work and now today I am struggling. I sit at a computer all day.

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Sexless pregnancy while I help with everything!

So my fiance is 23 weeks. We haven't been intamite at all since week 3. Meanwhile I wake up every morning to take care of her/our 4 year old! How do I cope?

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Everything separate?

Anyone experiencing everything in their marriage (second marriage) to be separate?

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BM has lost her mind

My husband got a call today from BM, screaming. She asked him, "Do you have any doubt that the kids are yours?" DH says, "No".

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Where's Jasper?

I miss Jasper. Is she ok? I waa gone a few days and when I returned she was gone. Sad

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BM Boundaries with nights and weekends- How/What is reasonable?

Hi everyone,

I posted a thread a week or two ago about being new to step parenting and some history on my relationship. I'm not yet married to my FI, who has a 3 year old with his ex wife.

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I have social anxiety

Do any of you feel overwhelmed in social situations? I can have a conversation with anyone, but it is mentally draining for me. After I have made small talk with everyone I am ready to go back home!

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Congrats To All Stepparents

Although my wife and I are not a step family our son is in one and it is so darn tough and sad to see from the outside looking in !!'s picture

Blended Family Finances

I'm curious how many of you are struggling with finances in your blended family? If you are, have any of you found any resources to help you deal with your struggles?