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Am I a giant jerk?

So I have been a reader of this site for a long while (over a year) and I have gotten a lot of help from just reading but today something happened and after I said my part I felt like I was a giant je

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SO is going away for 5 days on business...not married or engaged; am I a total witch if I don't watch his daughter?

My SO and I have been together for only 9 months. I happened to meet his daughter really early on in the relationship so I've been in her life for basically 9 months.

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Do I belong in the initial counseling session

Skids should have been in counseling years ago. 3 year, high conflict divorce was finally made final one-and-a-half years ago. I've been skids step-mom for 9 months.

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New to this....step mom losing my mind here!

So anyone else's ex lose their minds after your husband has a new baby?

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Ex wife solicitor letters

Me and ex wife split up 5 years ago and have since divorced.we stayed friends but I realise this was because I was doing what she wanted.

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SD (18) is getting her first tattoo. Can't afford to put gas in her car, but can get a tattoo!

Oh vey! I knew the day was coming seeing as how both her parents are tattooed and we live in the northwest where everyone besides me has some kind of tattoo!

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BM wants to relocate 800 miles away without SKs

BM revealed Wednesday that she wants to move 800 miles away and she wanted to see if we could come to some kind of agreement to stay out of court.

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SS is stomping his feet and bio mom is swooping in!!

For about 7 years now, myself and DH has been dealing with a narcisstic bio mom. Nothing is ever her fault and her lies, deciet, and hate for me has been a non stop toxic entity.

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A stepparent's reality..finally.. the truth!

Hi there..Ill try to make this short. My post will be blunt and will get to the point. I am a seasoned FORMER SM. I have followed this site for a few years.

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Opinions on hair cuts at NCP?

I have a SD6 and SD3.