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I'm not better than anyone

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I stumbled across this website years ago when I first became a stepparent and my inital thoughts were "what a bunch of bitter people." Oh to be so innocent and care free. Here I am. I miserable, I'm angry - I just want my life back. 

I'm ready to vent for own sanity. I've never felt so insignificant in my life. It feels like I'm just here to manage everyone's life for them. That my value as a human only lies in my ability to financially and mentally support these people. Sometimes I wonder if any of them know anything about me? If they could name one thing I like? 



Feeling lost

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I feel like I just need people to talk to and feel that this place even though I don't know anybody might be the best outlet for me. I have been married for four years after dating my wife for two years. My stepdaughter was eight when I came into the picture. It was super easy in the beginning. We were more friends than anything but slowly but surely that has changed in the years since we have become a family. It is easy to chalk some of it up to the fact that she's a teenage girl. Part of it can be related to the fact that my wife and I have had some marital struggles.


Not sure I can do this

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So, this is the first time I've ever used something like this (forum). I think the reason I'm on here is just to take an opportunity to vent, so sorry if I ramble on. Don't know if anyone will read this, or if anyone will care, but this is my situation. About 3 years ago I met an amazing girl. We have been together for just over a year, having both been in long term relationships prior to getting together. I have no children, but she has two a daughter 9 and son 18. Shes the love of my life!


BM breaks our bedtime routine and undoes our progress

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My SO's daughter, 10, has ADD and a lot of anxiety and it has taken us a full year to wean her off of spending any part of the night needing our comfort. We got her a sound machine for ambient noise and previously we (my SO or I) would have to sit on the floor in her room until she falls asleep, or she would start the night falling next to us on the couch and we'd carry her to bed, etc. We worked really hard on meditation and techniques to help her fall asleep on her own. We got down to a pretty good routine of my s.o.