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Stealing Finally Addressed

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**sucking down a beer as I type-**

I couldn’t find a pair of earrings. I really thought SD13 had stolen them. I asked. She of course said “No.” I brought up (finally!) the stolen jewelry. I asked where it was.

“In that drawer” and she pointed.

“Try again,” I said.

“In my closet,” she answered.

”No, it isn’t in your closet. Because I found it and took it back. You just lied to me. You stole my jewelry, hid it for months and then just lied to me.”


Such a Thief

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SD13 has stolen and squirrelled away my jewelry, and as of late, my ID card for a government service. For months, my jewelry was missing. The ID card ended up at her mom’s by some miraculous on-purpose circumstance, so her overjoyed mom got to email DH and ask if it was ours. (Of course it is ours, you soulless twat.)

Before you all are like, “DH should handle this!” know that I agree with you and that DH and I are on our way to see a counselor to get him to STEP IT UP. Lol