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Stepson stealing clothes from ours.

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Hello, I'm 29 and have been a stepmother since I was 20 to a boy and a girl.  My stepson is 14 and over the last year or so has changed dramatically.  It has not been an easy journey and over time I want to dicuss and share stories with others who understand.  The issue I'm going to bring up today is CLOTHING.


Losing my mind

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My husband and I have the best relationship... until 10 yr old SS is here. We have one child together who is 1.5 and I am very pregnant with our second. Husband puts his son on such a pedestal when he is here because BM is not pleasant for anyone and feels bad for his kid. I get that to a point... but I can't even have five minutes alone with my husband while his son is here. Every single thing is about his kid, not me or our son. He has no discipline of him and gets mad at me when I step in and say something is not going to fly under my roof. I am so tired of being the bad guy.


So frusterated im abt ready to run away!

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So i have a SS who is gonna be 17 soon and him and his dad my husband acts the same ands says the same things! Either my husband is trying to act like him or SS is trying to act like his dad.  Anyways, our sex life has pretty much deminished... we have only been married for a little over a year and there are some annoying things that i just try to ignore, but turned into anger and resentment.