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A question for all veteran SPs...

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What general advice do you have for separating yourself from that feeling of wanting to right all the wrongs of the seriously dysfunctional BM/BD?  I know its especially difficult if you are/were a conscientious parent with your own biokids.  


Being a step parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!

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Here I am feeling hurt again because of my stepdaughter’s drama. We been married for 27 yrs, we have his children, my children and one together. They are all grown with families of their own. His girls have done hurtful things over the years, when I try to defend myself or discuss with my husband he doesn’t want to get involved and this last event became very angry with me after his daughter called crying to Daddy. I feel like my husband should defend me, I’m his wife. I have raised his children alongside mine and always tried to be loving and thoughtful.