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Is summer over yet? Part 1...

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I'm writing two separate blogs today because I need to vent about 2 separate dramas playing out.  Oh, and SO will forevermore be referred to as "MR. ED".  He's like a good horse living in a shed with blinders on away from the reality of SKIDS behavior! 


Is it all over?

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This is the first time I have posted although I have been a member for a while. I live with my gf and her kids in a house I bought. I moved cities so SD12 didn’t have to move schools, I pay all the bills as well. My skids are often rude to me, blanking me when I talk to them, talking to me like I am stupid, SS19 had a year off between finishing school and going to uni, he was away for 3 months and spent time with his dad but basically refused to get a proper job. He had a job but would only have a shift once a week.