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When stepkids are here vs just my kids

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Let's just say things are easier and less stressful. Luckily the kids are now going to part time in person school. But mornings are still a challenge. I feel like I run a daycare with kids who are really annoying only I don't get paid. Examples of just my kids vs his:

Just my kids: they get up, take care of themselves, are quiet, and don't bother me. BD12 plays on her phone quietly while waiting for the bus.
BD6 plays quietly with her toys.


I feel like a telephone

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So my ss5 is staying with us this xmas and it seems that there are complaints for everything and everyone has to be tailored always. He cried at nearly 1am because he wasnt getting a bedtime story because it was late. I had to tell DH that he wasnt a bad person for telling his kid to go to sleep. His step dad shouted at DH to buy the kid meat (we are veggies) and we already have meat in the house for him and tailor his meals to be meat based. Now when he is here he doesnt care and wants milk and cereal so we have expensive meat not being used because he doesnt chose to eat it.


New to this

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Im really here to vent and hear others stories, does it ever get better?????? ....k so where do I start. My partner and I have been together 2 years, he has a 8yo son from previous relationship and we have a son who is 4m. He has his son every weekend. He works 12-14 hr days and picks up DS on Friday and his him all weekend. We don't live together on weekends when he has DS. 

Here's the problem;