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New to Step-Parenting!

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Hi Everyone!  I am fairly new to the "wonderful world" of being a step-parent and at first it was all hunky dory and I thought this would be simple as can be.  My fiance and his ex wife have gone through a very messy split since 2015 at which time they got divorced.  Shortly after their divorce they decided to give it another try but of course it failed.  Of course this couldn't be one of those "easy" divcorces (is there really such a thing) where they were both applicable and always had the best interest of their son in mind but that was not the case.  


I only joint last night and I think me and fiancé are over.

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I give and I give, Ive done so much for my partner. I stuck by him when he went to prison, I took care of his nan while he was away, he had a bad past that I accepted as people can change and people make mistakes.