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"Daddy's Little Princess" just grosses me out.

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I used to think the concept was so sweet until I had/have to live with it. It just grosses me out now. The baby talk. The constant doteing on her. The constant need for her attention and affection (and vise versa). The hyperactive and obnoxious behavior she gets away with when he is around. How he doesn't put his foot down with her. How he treats her like a precious, helpless little baby instead of nurturing her independence. She's almost 9 and anytime he is there its "DADDDYY DADDYY DADDYYYYYYY", she literally turns into a 3 year old. I hate being around them lately.


I hate being a (step)parent.

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I never particularly wanted kids, but I also wasn't opposed to the concept if the timing/partner/circumstance felt right. I married my husband 3 years ago, and he has 3 kids: SD23, SS21, SD16. Within 6 months of our marriage, BM of the oldest two commmitted suicide. I met them for the first time when we flew into town the 12hrs later. It was utter chaos with gun-toting, car-stealing, hoard-cleaning, funeral-planning madness all around. When we made it through and home 2 weeks later (if that's what you can even call it...