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Boyfriend with ex wife

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Hi. I have been with my bf for 5 years and on and off since year 3. I knew he was married before when we met but he told me he had been divorced for four years.  I found out two years in they never divorced. He was still married. I was beyond hurt and upset. They don't have any kids. I spoke to her once and told her I am ok with them talking here and there because I still talk to my long term ex's. The NEXT day she sent my bf a picture of her breasts in a bra. BTW she has a bf - the same guy she left him for.  She would contact him  and I saw he never replied.


Ex wife issues and Boyfriend won’t do anything!

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Bf and I have been together 6mths. He has 4 kids with ex wife. Before I came in the picture him and ex wife were still doing things together with the kids and still having sex. The first month we were together she was still goin to his house and just making herself at home and they were still doing family things together. It took him almost 2 months to tell her that he had a gf and what my name was bc his past girlfriends she would stalk and even slashed the tires of one of them.


Boyfriend and ex wife- blurred line boundaries

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Hi there,

I am at a loss as to what willl happen here once I truly reveal my feelings on this. Here we go. We have been together for almost 4 years, I have two BS 7 and 9. He has one BS 11 

We dont live together but live 5 mins apart, his ex wife lives 5 mins away as well. 

I knew they were going to be close coparents, and in the beginning I was fine with it, but its now become too much. I thought after sometime had passed, she would do the "friendly fade" and move on.

Its both of them who are to blame for lack of boundries.


Pictures of ex

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Just a little curious. My fiance has a large plastic bin of pictures (wedding, vacation, family) of his ex wife and kids. He says he wants to keep them to show my dear stepkids that they were a healthy family at one point when they are older.  He has a really good relationship with his ex but nothing is going on there at all. Is this normal? Would a man really want to keep pictures for that reason?


Venting About ExWife Drama Mama

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Hello, new here. Trying my best to match the common terms, bare with me.


My DH’s Ex Wife, and BM to the three step kids, has GU Syndrome.  She is all that needs to be, according to her. I’ve had my DH relay to her, in hopes of amicable co-parenting, that I was never trying to be the skids new mom, or whatever. That I would always just be me, nothing would change.

Her reply? “Good, she better remember that.”



Married with children and ex wife

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We did it! SO is now DH. STBSkids are now real life step children.

We eloped and it was very sweet and special and exactly what I wanted. A pretty dress that looks like a water color painting, on a little stage in the forest in front of my parents and a few friends. Quick, easy, peaceful and inexpensive. Loving.