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(hopefully) Successful Negotiations

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I posted a link about chores today on a support site and my regular FB.

Since Monday there has been some tension in the house. It centers around chores, of all things. Not infidelity, not drugs or gambling issues, or being beaten regularly. Chores. There is a purity to its simplicity but it is actually a complex subject as I am finding.

My issue was that Munchkin was asked by me to do certain things. She flat out refused. Because I had given a choice. Fair enough.


Tuesday Tips - Your Mama Doesn't Live Here & I'm Not the Maid!

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Blending families sometimes feels as futile as mixing oil and water, but there ARE things we can do to help curb the chaos and save our sanity!  I thought I'd start taking Tuesdays to share helpful tips I've picked up over the years and more recently from other STalkers.  I hope you find something to help get a little closer to "living the dream" and would love for others to share any tips they have on the topic in the comments below.


First post, exhausted and resentful

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This is the last week of the summer visit. I'm glad SD15, SD12 and SD10 can spend time with BS2.75. I'm glad they can spend time with dad. They aren't bad kids. I don't have bio mama drama. But I miss my privacy. I miss fewer people messing up my house. I miss the 1-2 hours a day I used to get quality time with my spouse after BS went to sleep. I miss being chosen by my partner. 

I don't expect the emotional relationship to be the same as a bio parent relationship. 


Chores or no chores?

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SS9 has a set of chores in our household. He has a list of them on the fridge, he can check them off for each day when they are completed. Once he completes them all for that day, he can use his screens (he earns screen time when he brings home good grades on his homework and tests.) His chores are simple, feed the cat, change liter box, make bed, pack or put away school bag, do your homework. He has a hard time focusing, but all in all, these shouldn't take more than 10 minutes a day outside the homework.