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New w/ Stepdaughter situation

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First, let me say that this is a wonderful website to be part of. I'm happy to have found such a website that allows me to vent on issues that I constantly bottle up inside for the sake of my relationship with my bf. I have been very confused about this whole soon to be stepdaughter/blended family issue since my boyfriend and I started dating. My boyfriend and I seem to be on the same page on wanting this blended family issue to work out and hopefully on becoming a family someday. I have been dating him for over a year now and have decided to live together.

So why do we put up with it?

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Is it love? Is it fear of being alone or of failure? We, step-parents, endure a lot of things from DH, SD, BM, SS, etc.. Why do we keep on dealing with it? At what point do we admit to ourselves that nothing is going to change. Should you decide to stay, then you are facing a life sentence and must accept that. Should you leave, you are admitting that love, patience, sacrifice, and communication is not enough to hold it together without help from all parties involved. Why do we continue to take verbal abuse, manipulation, lies, etc..

1st entry

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I have been reading this website for a while, well I need help.I am dating 58yo who has been married 3X, first wife literally certifiably insane, a BS(31yo)and BioD(28yo) from this, 2nd wife died of cancer, adopted son,and last marriage w/SD(22yo) who was still ahnging around for college money when I met him.I have two Sons(12and 14)we have talked marriage for longtime, bought house togetherlast eyar , he still lives in his house thatwa sfor sale.


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there was someone on this site when i first signed up that worked for the family court in fresno. i cant remeber your name but if your still a part of this forum i need some advice. could you PM ME??? THANKS!

BM's license is suspended because of her DWI. Would you let her pick SD up?

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I got all the sentancing info and found that BM must have an Interlock system to get an occupational license to drive at all. Dh and I were pretty sure she didn't have an occupational license because she left her car at the daycare after she called the police last week.

When we picked SD up last night Dh looked in both of BM's cars (she has one that doesn't run because she let some guy drive when she had no ins. and he ruined the engine) and she doesn't have the Interlock breath thing in either one. Therefor, she does not have a licence to drive at all!

No More Baby's Mama Drama

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I'm not sure how many of you have read this book. I just started, but in the first chapter there were several paragraphs I want to share with you guys. They were pretty enlightening. I've really been praying a lot for a way to help ME deal with Andrea's bull shit games, and (I believe) the answer was given to me in this book, together with me starting to run again (this has always been my stress outlet).

These paragraphs can be found on pages 4-5: