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This is where I was told to go......:(

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I've asked many people "where do I go for help?"...and I've said so many times "I need somewhere to fall". My heart is in two and my outlook is growing more dim.

I'm a mother of 2...married to a wonderful man who has 2 children of his own. My children live with us (visits with dad every other weekend), and his children live with us the same. So, to his children, they portray it as..."we live at dads all the time, and we never get to see mom".

Can someone calm me down please, I am so mad and disappointed in SS.

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A 13 year old (my boyfriends son) stayed the weekend at my house,with his brother and my two boys..all weekend long...Today, he broke his skateboard and decided dad should buy him a new one. His father was ordered by the court to pay his mother $4200/month for child support and spousal, so needless to say, dad doesnt have a lot of money. He gets by..he will never own or be able to rent his own place, so he lives with his parents and stays at my home somtimes.

Aggravated and confused...

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So I just submitted my first post and I'm worried about what people are going so say.

I am young new stepmother and do to the experience my older husband has with life I see it as a disadvantage with the way I see things. Am I handling things right? Am I with the minority on this one?

I want the girls to be included in our lives. We have so much to share and want to create new memories with them. But how can we get the chance if their mom is breathing down our backs.

Taking Back Sunday

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Thank you for all of your wonderful writings and to those who have sent me warm thoughts and not so warm thoughts through private messaging.

I have regretfully decided to pick up my marbles and head home. It is obvious to me that I am in the wrong place.

Where I thought I was giving a biomom point of view, there are those that do not want to see biomom's side. Only how they want to perceive it, and guess why she is as she is. Bitter and revengeful. I thought that perhaps I could offer insight...

Any bm's out there that don't have full custody of your child?

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My ss lives with us 50/50 right now. He goes to school in our school district, and for the two weeks that he lives with his mother, she and her bf take turns commuting him 45 minutes one way to school. If bm does the commuting, she drives 45 minutes one way to drop ss off at school, then turns completely around and drives 1 hour and 15 minutes in the opposite direction for her to get to work.


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I have read about several bloggers here who met their current partner/spouse out of an affair, with the BM being the ex. It might seem like I bash the BM in my case because of the affair and my bitterness out of that. I'd like to write this to clear that up...because I've thought long and hard about all of this before. While I don't agree with affairs, that doesn't mean I condemn anyone who has them. I know that, ultimately, we love who we love and that sometimes we realize we do not always love the person we're with, or that they do not love us how we want or need to be loved.

Santa Shop

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About a month ago we recieved a letter from ss mom that they were having a Santa shop at school. She said 'timmy' was doing chores around the house to earn money to buy his family members Christmas presents. She said that she gave the teacher a list that had in her words, exactly, "both sides of his family listed." We thought that was so nice of her to share with us since most of the time she really keeps us in the dark. Well ss came to our house on Tuesday night.

Get this stuff!!!

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Lately BM has been in full-on attack mode. The cycle between her and DH seems to go like this~ she says "I'm DONE" and sends terse emails about if and when SS can visit (which we keep telling her is never a problem unless any of us are sick). And hubby sends equally brief and neutral replies. But then she'll start making longer and longer emails where she'll make continued bitchy statements, threats, assumptions about us and so on. And my husband will reply to those things. Then she'll keep getting MORE nasty and then my husband feels like blowing up.