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Articles in Oprah Magazine

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Hi All,

Again A Happy Mother's Day - do something nice for yourself. Saw a couple of insightful ariticles in the current Oprah magazine. One is on HDP aka highly defensive people and how it is nearly impossible to get along with them. You make an innocent comment and it becomes a huge criticism and high drama. Sound familar? Also, a women writes in about her SD trying to alienate her from her husband. Dr Phil gives some good advice.

A friend and fellow SM and I are treating ourselves this Mother's Day, be sure to do the same.

Meltdown at the eye doctor

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Would love to hear what others have done in similar situations since I didn't handle this very gracefully:

We discovered my SD's vision (lazy eye) has gotten worse. BM just calls and says she needs to see the eye doctor twice/week for a month. The BM made an appointment but can't take her, could I do it? Sure, I said. I can help out. I tried to get more information but BM didn't want to 'talk in front of' my SD.

this happen to other SM

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We have SS every other week. There is no sole is completely 50/50. SS came home yesterday from school with a gift he made at school for mother's day. It was cute (for a 1st grader) little clay pot with daisies in it they planted at school. They had to make a card and say thanks to Mom for everything she does. His card was completely directed toward his mother and that is fine. When he brought the bag in I asked him if that was a gift for his mother. (I had no hard feelings) He immediately said he made it for both.

can i bitch about my selfish dh for a moment?

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this has nothing really to do with sd10 because we haven't seen her in almost a month, but i didn't really have another place to vent about how selfish and DUMB my dh can be sometimes. we don't have kids (sd every other weekend) and lately he's been on this 'new friend' kick with some of his server buddies. that's great, except whenever he goes out with them, he is totally irresponsible, not calling and not checking his phone.

I am sick of the interference

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I have not been on in awhile so hello to everyone.I have some issues that you may be able to give me some advice.Yesterday my sd called and asked to switch weekends because its mothers day and she wants to spend it with her mom.Anyways My husband and i dont go out and do anything hardly ever so we planned this little cruise thing for 1 day and now that our weekend is switched it will land on this day.My husband and i are now fighting because i got angry about this and he told me that i only care if it interferes with my life.Well i have had nothing but interference from the ex witch lately

I'm giving him back the ring

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It's been over 2 years and I can't take anymore. All we ever do lately is fight and it's always about BM or SS. I'm tired of having to put our lives on hold because of BM and her inability to live a dram free life. I'm also tired of taking care of SS when all I get is grief from him and Fiancee (soon to be ex) doesn't discipline (he states he doesn't know how).

My thoughts

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This week so far has been a good week. No Skids at all. Usually EW just drops them of on my STBH days off, but this time she didn't. I know that i shouldn't feel like this but i just dread when they come over. My STBH has 3 kids by two different women. One woman is completely mature and we are cordial to each other. The EW is a bitch. She is constantly harassing me, cursing me out on the phone, etc. I love my STBH with all my heart and he is the perfect man for me. When we first got together i tried my best to love my STBSK like they were my own ,but EW just want let that happen.