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Need Links Please -

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If you have referenced any websites dealing with PAS, Personality disorders, custody, etc (you know, the stuff we always talk about on here) I would love to have them. You can either post them here or pm me and I will give you my email if you prefer.

Thanks so much - I want to educate myself on these matters and I know there is alot of info out there so I am trying to compile it into one place.

Update to Need Advice and Help

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SD was taken to docs today - they are now sending her to a clinic here that specializes in abuse which until further testing cannot be ruled out or determined. They are on the way to the social worker now and I did not go because I didn't want them to think we have anything but the best interest of the children at heart. His mom has accompanied him as he literally was beyond himself crying.

Please pray for those girls today. Thank you all for your assistance and prayers.

Emergency Blended Family Pow-Wow (Long)

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We awoke this morning at a little after 6:00 AM to the phone ringing. BM called, I answered - she asked to speak to BF. I have no problem with her as long as she's being civil, so of course I said, "Ok, hold on." Our phone is loud, and I could hear her telling my groggy BF that the situation with SS had gotten out of her control and that the four of us needed to get together and have a meeting. She said that she wanted me to be there because I help raise him too. So, BF, BM, SS and I convened this morning for a meeting.

Need advice and help PLEASE

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What should we do? I have two Skids, 7 and 3 that live out of state. We have them this week - first time since January and not again until May. The 7 yo has gained 18 pounds since last visit. She is in a 12/14 now and my 7 yo (two weeks apart) is in a 6. The 3 yo has developed a bad stuttering problem. THey came with bruises inside their legs, the BM tells us they are depressed, etc. She works crazy shifts as a nurse assistant and goes out of town or to the bars every weekend. How should we confront this situaiton?

I'm thinking of sending this email to the BM, what do you think?

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Until you sign a paper giving over primary custody to DH, the girls have no insurance. The Medicaid they had in North Carolina is not valid in Georgia and DH's insurance won't pick them up till he has paperwork showing that he has primary custody. They also are ineligible for emergency insurance her in Georgia. We are not asking you to give up your rights to the girls, just sign over primary custody of them. You will still get your visitation rights. Family and Children Services says you also need to close out their Medicaid in North Carolina.

pink eye

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Saw baby (just shy of 4 months old) for Easter. BM told us she thought he had pink eye because his eyes had a little matter in them none that we could see. Having 3 kids who have all had pink eye more than once but never at such a young age I checked him out. Membranes of the eyes are fine, no excess mucus or pus or swelling of the lids or any sign of pink eye. His eyes do tear occationally but that is normal due to immature tear ducts plus BF's eyes tear for no reason too.


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Ok.. so I was looking up Military retirement benefits, although my dh is a long way off from that.. What I found would be great for a non-blended family.. not so sure it would be great for us.

Turns out at year 15, a service member my decide which retirement package they choose to go with. one of them is a straight payout of benefits at a percentage of the pay (36 highest months average) and the other you get a 1 time payment of $30k to do with as you choose, and then your retirement is lowered by about 10% for the earliest they can get out.