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Humor Break

I love animals and I found this funny video that I wanted to share with everyone. Everyone needs a laugh now and then. :) Enjoy!
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How Far will you go until you just walk away?

Well, here's some food for thought as I have been thinking about this for days and days. I had written a couple of blog entries in the last two days but accidentally deleted them before I got them posted. SD's biomom sent my husband a ridiculous melodramatic email at work stating that SD was being harassed by me and that my husband needed to stop me or she would look into filing a restraining order. My husband fired back about all of SD's deflammatory remarks on the public blogs and that I had the right to respond. So, it has been an aggravating, turbulent couple of days. Much of what has happened could have been avoided if biomom had courteously shared information but refused to do so. She has repeatedly spent all her time trying to sabotage the relationship my husband and I had with SD. There is absolutely nothing left--we feel nothing towards here but a lot of hostility for stringing us along. It would have been okay if she just said she wanted to stay at Mom's--but not play all the games. We were in debt up to our necks in legal fees and could have easily lost our home. But she has followed suit to the tee with her Mom and there are no morals, it's like everything I tried to teach her has gone out the window. And then SD complains because we did not send a "mushy" card to her with her Christmas gift--mind you I went out of my way to get 2 gifts for her as my stepson called me and said she kept asking him if she was getting anything from us. So, I sent a dolphin necklace and a blue fleece jacket for skiing. Then, we never even get a thank you. This past week, she writes in her blog, that I ruined her Christmas and her time with her Mom, Mom's boyfriend, and brother by sending her a gift. I am just literally sick and I just shake all over. What is the point in trying to do the right thing? Like how was I supposed to send a Hallmark card to someone that has barely spoken to me in a year--how do you find a card that says--thanks for screwing your dad and me over?

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Studying Update

Well, we just got some interesting info form my stepson's teacher this morning.

My stepson wrote out his definitions for the spelling/vocabulary words on Tue. night(he just got the list that same day at school). There was one word that he couldn't find in the dictionary so I suggested that he take his list to school and ask the teacher if she could help him or tell him where to look. I told him to make sure that he brings his definitions home that night so that he can study them. If he didn't bring them home, then he would have to write them over again.

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I need to know how to get a 10 yr old boy to understand what studying actually is. He thinks that he can look over something for 5 min. and that is it. He studied. Now he is done. Whether he knows the stuff or not. It is like pulling teeth.

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I'm new and need advice!

Greetings to everyone here! I found this site by searching the internet on something that would allow me to vent about my stepson. I feel bad doing this but he is like nothing I've ever seen. He has known me since he was 8.

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I Feel Sorry for my Stepson

This year my stepson will be spending Easter at his mom's house. He will be back home on Easter evening and then we will give him his Easter surprises. I feel that even though he officially doesn't believe in the Easter bunny anymore, that he would still like a few surprise Easter gifts on Easter.

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We Can't Stop Her but the Nun Can

First of all you have to understand that we really don't have a good relationship at all with my stepson's mom. We are very civil to her and deal with any issues relating to my stepson but that is it. It is upsetting enough that she moved 3 min. away from us right after we moved into our first house, but now this.

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I Will Take 50% of the Blame

My stepson plays soccer. He plays indoor when it is cold out and outdoor in the summer/fall. So he is in indoor right now. The games are on the weekend. This means that the games are about 50/50 as to who brings him, his mother or us. Stepson's mother doesn't want to buy all of the equipment that stepson needs(the uniform is expensive). For outdoor stepson's mother usually buys an extra t-shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards and shoes. The shin guards and the shorts could be re-used for indoor. So we have to buy everything for indoor. Which means that even though we don't have stepson, we have to pack up all of the parts of the uniform and bring them to the games for stepson to change into. Bio mom just has to show up with stepson early enough for him to change. Which should be 20min. early at the least.

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Well, it has been quite a week. I am a horrid, flaunting, stepmother. But I do have one stepson, that is still talking to me and he is coming to visit next month. And for that, I am grateful that he finally got himself together. Because it took a long time but at least he had more sense and didn't let his anger get the best of him. And I have 3 dogs that vary in age who are all sweet that I referee who are glad for my attention. And a husband that loves me and tells me don't worry about my SD, he will deal with her later. For the next year, she will continue to get the cold shoulder, and after that, the purse strings will be snatched back. And knowing my husband like I do, he isn't likely to forget what she has done. He told me yesterday, that my SD just basically screwed herself when she started writing all this mean and hateful stuff in the blogs. But, I just can't understand, how someone can be so hateful and why they wouldn't want to see their Dad happy with someone? I guess it has to do with some very warped thinking. As I've said before, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (meaning her Mom).

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If you had 3 Wishes.............or If you could Change Something..............

Well, it is Friday evening. I finally got a comment from my SD on her blog directly. Of course, everything was completely turned around. i.e. I, am at fault for everything, of course, she takes no responsibility, it is our fault for leaving, yaddy, yaddy.