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Broken hearted

I wrote a little while ago about my son moving to his dads in another province for 1 year and decided to let him go.It was the hardest decision in my whole life that i ever had to make.My son is so ha

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Just an observation...

Just an observation....

Things got a little heated between Nise & Hopeful the other day and I see Biomom & Step Mom are going back & forth at each other a little....

It kind of saddens me.....

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Does anyone ever go into the chatbox?

It's amazing....!!!! I forgot that little box up there in the corner. But today, as I was doing my usual analysis of self-loathing....LOL (kidding)....

I did notice a little flicker on top of my screen. It was someone in the chatbox!! I was sooo excited!! I tried to click in there but I work on a dinosaur of a laptop, so it takes time to get to next screen......

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Just read over parenting plan myself...suprise suprise BM is full of ****!

Since the divorce, BM has been touting certain rules about visitation, residencies, etc as fact. Come to find out she's been full of it the entire time. I don't know if she thought that we were too stupid or if she thought that BF didn't care enough to read over the parenting plan and that I'd never get access to it...but I found a LOT of discrepancies from what she says and what the REAL plan says...

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Wonderful News! SS told his mom he wants to live with /Dad!

Yes, the holidays are here and things are getting better. After so much drama and needless pain, SS told his mom that he feels more comfortable living here with his dad! It was a very hard thing and she made him cry and told him she would move far away if he ultimately chose to do that...but we helped SS handle it and made sure that those were truly his wishes...now the next stage..the court/legal parts....

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I'm sad to say that this will be my last entry...

I want to first say thank you very much for all of your insightful advice, your wonderful words of support and all of the information that I've received over the last few months. I came to this site to be able to vent but also to learn and to see that I was not alone, in addition this site allowed me not to involve my family and friends who are not happy with my relationship with my BF.

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Walking the line

This should be a pretty introspective blog.

I've been thinking a lot recently (again) about the dynamics between DH, BM and myself....and her current husband to some level. I am very confused. In the beginning of all this (after I found out that SS might be my husband's child) I thought with enough "work" that we could at least have a relatively civil and constructive relationship for SS's sake as well as our children's. My husband and I got the Dr. Phil Relationship Rescue book and workbook, among others, and that helped us greatly in recovering from the affair. We figured applying some of those same principles to our interactions with BM wouldn't be a bad thing, you know? Because even though it's not a romantic relationship, it is still a relationship as parents.

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Christmas Cooke Bake Rampage

Hello Everybody!

I'm new to this forum and thought I would post something. Just as a background, I'm re-married for 5 years and have 3 kids of my own and and 3 stepdaughters. It hasn't been easy but I think my husband is worth staying for, just sometimes I need a little support to make it through.

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Off Topic

Hey what do you think of the name Marlee Shae for a girl??? Honest opinions ladies Smiling I don't want my kid to grow up and hate me!

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Sometimes it's a wonder.....

that I still have a full head of hair, because if I pulled it out every time I was driven nuts by BM then I would practically be bald!

Well most of you know by now about our situation with transportation, money and so on. I look for the light at the end of the tunnel, but it feels like there are so many obstacles!! Not trying to make excuses or whine, we're taking care of business and trying to do what needs to be done....but am I wrong for needing to vent because of the sheer hypocrisy of BM? In this instance, if it weren't for what her and hubby did, then things WOULDN'T be so bad! There would still be problems, don't think I'm that naive, just not as many! I just hate dealing with the fall-out of this. It's not because I don't care about SS, or have his best interests in mind. How do you deal with things when his mother doesn't truly have his best interests in mind....when you KNOW she is just using her child as a pawn?