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Unmailed Letter to Hateful SD

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Just to get this off my chest, I'm posting the e-mail that my 29 yr old biological daughter wrote to the hateful brat of a SD I have....It was never sent (only to me).

Let me start by saying that you and I have a problem. A HUGE F..... PROBLEM.

I've looked beyond your mistreatment of my mother for several years now. First I blew it off as adolescent bs. Then teen bs. Now, you are almost a woman, therefore old enough to hear this.

I'm a "NEAT FREAK"???!!!

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BD just talked to BM about the whole mess and she's now telling her children not to bother about anything I say because I'm a "neat freak".

OK, I admit it! If not wanting the children to smell like cat piss, being angry that the night before a week's vacation to California the BM sends over 2 garbage bags of wet clothes for me to pack, having a problem with all their clothes being washed in one load, their hair smelling like it's not been washed in two weeks, the kids looking like orphaned hillbillies.............I'M A NEAT FREAK!!!!!!

Part two of two BM's!!

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I just wrote a blog on Ex-wife-to-be. Now to begin on the Ex-g/f who was around before Ex-wife-to-be. She is mother of BF's two oldest girls, 7yo & 5yo. BF and Ex-g/f are always in and out of Court as Ex-gf is always making allegations and accusations against BF and his family.

She's not afraid to play dirty when it comes to extending her visitation rights. The fact of the matter is, in my opinion, she is a bad mother. She doesn't care about the girls and she only wants them out of spite towards BF.

Imagine having to deal with two BM's!

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Well G'day there!

First of all, I'd just like to say that I'm VERY new to this and it's good to know that I am not alone. I've been quite frustrated with the BF on a couple of occasions feeling like he doesn't understand my position/what I'm going through. So, it's reassuring to know that there are other people out there going through the same or similar situations and that there are people to talk to!

How would you handle this?

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My fiance has been leaving voicemails for BM every day for a week (Wednesday through Tuesday) on her cell phone and he has a little trick where he puts a confirmation receipt on the messages so he knows if and when she listens to them. (Hooray Verizon Wireless!) As you may remember, BM whisked SD away on vacation and was very elusive as to where they were and when they were leaving and coming back so he's not sure when he'll be seeing SD next.

Had lunch w/BM!

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A month ago...took SS to his football game, husband could not make it so I took him w/my daughter. After the game I was going to take the kids to lunch when SS invited his mother to join us. She made an excuse that she was going to do laundry and ss said you can do that later and wanted her to come join us. I said that's fine. It was a very weird feeling, this is the 1st time sitting w/this woman. We talked about our upcoming trips and that was it. Of course I had many questions to ask her but could not say them in front of the kids. Saving that for later.

Going crazy

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I'm new here, but have been lurking for awhile now. I think I'm just about to go over the edge dealing with my husband's ex. We just took her back to court for a modification, DH got everything he asked for and more. Even BOTH attorneys basically said she was an idiot. Didn't even have to go in front of a judge, both her and our attorney got her to agree to everything. Mostly because we had a ton of evidence and she had none.

I'm feeling blue

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My baby will be gone for 2 weeks. Sad
My brother invited my Daughter to go on their vacation to Florida, then hop a cruise to the Bahamas. They left this morning for the two day drive down. We have never been apart for more than 2 days before this.
I feel so childless. We haven't seen any of the skids in over a month. Now mine is gone for two weeks. And in different states.
We have NEVER been this far apart. I don't like the way I feel.

BM is deceased

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I am not a stepmom, yet, but I am close to it. My SO is a widower. He has 3 beautiful children; a daughter 2, a daughter 7, and the boy is 9. For the most part they are good kids. The oldest daughter has no problem talking abou the BM. The boy will not talk about anything. We took a family vacation this week. I left early because the his in-laws were coming down. His wives' mother is clinically crazy among other things }:). Therefore I just avoid the situation.