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This is web site has some pretty good advice

This is web site has some pretty good advice

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Delivering 1st child in 2 wks and fiancee wants to start seeing his children from a previous marriage again

I am nine months pregnant with my first child. My fiancee has two children from a previous marriage. Until a few weeks ago when his grandmother passed on we have had really no contact with them for months at a time.

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Need your input on this...Ex is cold.

At the beginning of my relationship w/my husband, his ex was very nice to me. Now it's been 6 yrs and she is now cold and unfriendly towards me. Why the change? I can't figure that out. What do yo

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He Doesn't Understand

My hubby just does not understand why I got upset last night. He was talking on the phone to a friend of his about our bioson's football season coming up. The coach for our son's football this year is the cousin to hubby's ex-wife (the one who gives us all the drama in our lives).

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Do we all have to sit together?

Hope everybody's doing well and keeping cool in this crazy July-August heat and humidity!

OK, so my adorable SS started tee ball last weekend and there will be games every Saturday until early September. I had to miss the first game because of a business trip. I wasn't surprised to find out that my husband sat with his ex-wife and her older son. He had nobody else there and I don't care that he sat and talked to them. The thing is, when I can go to the games, I don't want to sit with them!!! We've invited my in-laws to games and the last thing I want is for all of us--our fam, the ex-, her son, her parents--to be sitting there together. My husband thinks it would be so great for SS to have us all there and I agree with that... I just don't believe that both sides of SS's family need to be looking like best friends. The child is four years old--he has no idea!

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Phone wars....e-mail wars....

I've gotten legal advice to file for sole custoday because the level of co-operation necessary for joint custody/joint decision making is just not there and his actions clearly depict that..

I received an email from x yesterday evening. He finally told me when to expect my son home!! Claims that BF heard him correct son on going for 2 weeks. and that he wasn't flipping on me because of what I said..but rather because daughter also questioned the weekend/week/2 week...thing first. (he called it "going aboard him" .. but I started out calm..until he told me to "not even go there")

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A Little History on the Bio-Witch

The "Mother of the Year" has had 3 husbands, 4 kids, of which she has custody of none. She recently left husband #3 to be with boyfriend #4. She has cheated on every husband so far.
She's moved 12 times in the past 9 years. She has lived in 4 different states during that time. On average, she sees her oldest 2 children twice a year. I can't speak for the younger 2 since they don't live with us, but I imagine it's about the same. It's a pretty sad track record that speaks for itself.

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My daughter gets upset when stepson is not w/us as scheduled!

Has anyone been in this situation? My daughter looks forward to seeing her brother on the scheduled visitation days and gets really upset when plan is changed. She is 5 yrs old and knows the days he comes to visits us.

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SD is someone I do not recognize

My Sd (14) has turn into someone I do not know. I have found blogs that she has written that prove she is manipulating both families. She has begged us to move back here and then after we see the attorney she said, "I changed my mind." We are being played for a foul.

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Wow I am glad this is here!!

The kids just went back to their mother's house today. Of course, she planned their vacation starting today so for the entire visit all the kids talked about was their upcomming vacation. The reality of it all is that we don't have the money they have and we can not take vacations every year nor but the kids every little thing they want.