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At What Age Should a Kid Have a Cell Phone?

Yes, that's right biomom has finally dropped the big birthday gift bombshell!! She wants to buy stepson (who is just turning 11) a cell phone!

I am firmly against kids that young having cell phones. First of all, they should be with an adult when they are out. At 11 you shouldn't be running around town by yourself. Secondly, do you know how many times stepson has lost his things? Let see......his trumpet was left on the bus a couple of times, his glasses were missing for at least a week, jackets, umbrellas, gloves.......need I go on!! Of course I am the ONE trying to find all of the above mentioned things. If biomom does buy stepson a cell phone, I will in NO way be responsible for finding it when it is lost, telling him not to give it to kids at school, charging it......nothing!!

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Im so glad I found this site, Ive been needing something like this. Ive dealt with my Husbands ex-wife for far too long. This is absolutely, the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. This is my first time being a Step-Parent, and dealing with an Ex.

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Its Been a Long TIme

Hi All - It has been a long time since I took time to write, but nothing was going on for a while and life has been pretty content because my boyfriend's daughter has not returned. The latest development concerns her.

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Learning to let go

I'm needing to vent in a big way. My husband, who I adore, is a father to a highly ill mannered child. My ss is 12, and has primarily lived with biomom most of his life. He did come to live with us last year.

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Using Soccer Practice for Visiting

What does everybody think about biomom using stepson's soccer practice to visit with him? It is on our time and my husband is the coach, so he has to be there.

In previous years she has shown up at soccer practice for no reason other than to visit with stepson. All it ends up doing is distracting him from practice and then after it is over she stands there talking and talking when my husband and stepson have other things to do!

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grocery shopping...

I need to vent about grocery shopping with my DH. I notice more and more every time we go that he's a little obsessed with getting things that SS would like. And I feel like he talks down to me, almost saying I'm not thinking of SS enough when planning meals. I've pointed this out to him and he doesn't see it. It makes me nuts.

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Mommy laughs at bad behavior!

A little advice... 4 year old boys are not ready for tee ball! I don't think some of their mothers are, either.

SS looks adorable in his too-long t-shirt and it's hilarious to see 10 little kids in batting helmets (think Rick Moranis in "Space Balls"). Saturday was the third week of tee ball for my SS and he's a terror on the field. He's OK when his team is up to bat. The kid's got a great swing and he's so fast getting around the bases. His daddy and I were just plain embarrassed Saturday, though, by his antics in the outfield.

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I’m wondering if this is the “calm before the storm”…I have to say that LIFE has been so very WONDERFUL and I’m afraid to get too comfortable in it…that is a part of me but the other part of me…the part that wants to win says… WHY BE AFRAID?!

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Stepson's 2nd Party Went Very Well!

No problems today for the relative party. Everything went off without a hitch. Stepson had a good time with his cousins and liked all of his gifts.

Tomorrow stepson and I will go shopping so he can spend some of his birthday money before school starts back up. He will have to put a small portion of his birthday money in his savings account but he is ok with that.

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Stepson's Birthday party

Well we got the first birthday party for stepson done today(we have a relative party tomorrow). We had a few of his friends over for pizza and took them out to a movie. It went pretty well except that biomom had to insert herself into the day!