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Some happy news - we're pregnant!

Yes, we'll be welcoming a new addition to the family this July! So Skye22, if you've been wondering why I've been so interested in your pregnancy, it's because I was trying to work out a way to introduce this idea to BM and to SD11 as well. I wanted to learn from your experience.

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Update!! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Okay so last night my husband went to biomom’s uncle’s house to try to reason with her…she LIED about everything. (my husband caught her off guard b/c she didn’t even know that he knew what was going on) and tried to play the innocent role (saying about her huband "I didn’t know he was like that") of course my husband didn’t even go into how we KNOW she knew everything about him and his character (she doesn’t know we have all the police reports from her residence for 2006) b/c his goal was to keep the peace with her…long story short…she is supposed to be brining SD here this evening and leave her here until Sunday (my husband says that he will re-evaluate/re-negotiate with her after that…we just want to get her here first!) So thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! For right now we know she will be safe!!!!! Biomom is scared out of her mind and I know she is to have “agreed” b/c she kept telling my husband that “SD doesn’t need to go with you, she will be fine” but he wasn’t hearing any of that and basically she knows that she cannot fight two battles on two fronts so she didn’t want to battle my husband over SD while she runs from her own….plus, she told my husband that her husband sent her a text message that said “Biodad will have FULL CUSTODY of SD by the time I’m through with you!” A really winner of a husband huh?! So my husband basically told her “look, I don’t want to take her from you or try to get back at you, I just want her to be safe!” I’ll keep you posted!!! It was a good day!

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I want to know...why biomom does not include me?

I want to know why biomom emails my husband on updates/schedule regarding ss and does not cc me on it? I too watches him, you would think you would let that person know too. I want to know why she is eliminating me out of the picture? It's been 6 yrs now and I have watched her son all through these years.

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At age 4 success is . . . not peeing in your pants.
At age 12 success is . . .having friends.
At age 17 success is . . . having a drivers license.
At age 35 success is . . . having money.

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SD not coming home; insistant

18 yo SD, away at college, wrote email to dh last night stating she won't be coming home for tday. He called her this a.m. to say he'd pick her up and bring her home. Shortly thereafter he got the "insistant" email with a bunch of lame excuses.

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I love the hoildays but hate living by ss court ordered schedule!!!

I really love this whole season. Thanksgiving and Christams and the snow and all the yummy food and family gathering. But darn it... I really get tired of all these events having to be planned according to some court ordered hoildays setup! Half the time we don't even get to celebrate the hoilday on the actual day and its getting old.

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The weekend and party were a success.....the good....

Well I'm happy to be writing this to you on Monday and not crying in my soup. This was the SS birthday party weekend that myself and BF were having. The "X" didn't pull anything stupid and I'm really happy to say that we were able to take the kids right after hockey on Saturday morning and kept them until hockey on Sunday night. We did a ton of stuff and then the party on Sunday afternoon was a success. All the family came and the cousins all played together and they all had a ball and SS was so excited. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. I must say that "X" wasn't to bad, Saturday, she of course forgot stuff that she had to deliver to them, which she was late doing and then of course she had to text 3 or 4 times that night and then 3 times bright and early the next morning, but all in all she was okay. She has gone back to being her bitchy self to me, trying not to make eye contact and sort of stomping around. That didn't bother me though, I know that I do the best that I can for those kids and am good to them and that's what matters.

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Here we go again SS playing same game....

Ok, so SS14 left 3weeks ago because he didn't like our dicipline,house rules, etc...he basically told us he hates it at our house to many rules,,Bio moms has none!!! anyway this seems to be a repeating pattern for him,,he leaves My HD calls him after a while then boom he comes back, but it's only for something,,,eg.

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Will you get a cup of coffee and sit down and read this, Please.

Tell me what YOU think.

Warning it is long.

Background= We have known each other for two years, dated for one and married for two months. He has three SS15, SD11, SS8. They have been separated/divorced for 4 years. BM married very quickly (after we announced our engagement, she set her wed-date three weeks before ours) to a man 13 younger. Him 26, Her 39. I grew up in a blended family and it was tough, so I understand all of the dynamics. And hence knew what I was getting into…….?

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Question re breaking terms of divorce

Hi Guys
Has anyone any experience relating to the following and what to do:- this is BM's weekend and Mondays and Tuesdays are our days, the divorce papers say that our parenting time begins at 9.00 a.m. or after school. As the kids are off school this week for Thanksgiving we expected to get them at 9.00 a.m. tomorrow and my DH called to confirm that he would pick kids up from BM's at 9.00a.m. as usually happens in this situation and which has never been a problem before. Both my SD14 and SS9 have ADHD. When BM used to drop them off on days like tomorrow it would usually be around 7.30/7.40 and the kids sometimes would not have had their medicine or breakfast or taken a shower. SS would turn out to be quite a handful for me as my DH would be at work. We agreed with BM that DH would pick kids up from her house at 9.00am to allow SS to have extra sleep and basically have time to wake up before being thrown int he car to come to us. Well tonight BM has SD call us and insists that she will be dropping kids off early, when my DH asks to speak to her she refuses to speak to him and then hangs up the phone - when we called her back she shouts "it's done" and won't talk to my husband but tells SD to tell dad she'll still be dropping them off early.