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Finally a positive depiction of fathers

There is a new movie coming out in February by Tyler Perry and it is called Daddy’s Little Girls…you should make it a point to check this movie out and I CANNOT WAIT for it to hit the big screen

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Reluctant Babysitter

This is my first ever blog. I guess first, I'd like to say I'm grateful that you're all here and that this site exists; I think it's just what I needed. For starters, my son (8 yo) and I live with my BF, have been for about a year and a half. The relationship itself has passed the three year mark this past October. My BF has two daughters, ages five and eleven, both with different women (Whole different story). They are over every other weekend. We've been through the usual blending problems, i.e. boundaries, authority, etc. So for the most part, everything was fine (there is always going to be something). Then my BF got his opportunity of his lifetime...

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Let me tell you all about it

I've been a stepmom since 1998. SD was 6 when we married. She's 15 now. And, we've given her a little brother who's 6 & a little sister who's 5.

Over the years, SD & I have built our own relationship & have grown to love and respect each other. I got so much support from a variety of on-line communities during those times.

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Counseling Questions

I've read posts from several of you about going to counseling, which is helpful that you share the information with us.

I would like to go to counseling but am naive on this. Does insurance cover family counseling? How have you selected who you should go to? I looked in the yellow pages here for my area, but it's a coin toss on who to choose. Please help!!!

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I dont know what to think

Yesterday i got my husbands cell phone bill in the mail and when i opened it i saw that he had 5 calls come in from the town his ex lives in.He was working in the next town and he said that maybe it p

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Just wanted to say

I just wanted to say some things it may be a little off topic.I am sort of new and all of you have given me advice and led me through some hard moments and made me see things in different ways.I have

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Need an opion

My husbands parents ( who by the way had not spoken to us since they pretty much ignmored us at oldest ss football game & spent all their time with ex & her boyfriend & his kids)emailed us & called to have us put aside a weekend in Dec to celebrate the holiday. We are terrified that she is planning some weekend get away with my husband's two brothers & their families. ( My husband was terrorized his entire life by oldest brother & hates him. Not to mention they all pretty much ignore my existance because they are so in love with EX)

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So Proud of Stepson!

My stepson brought home his science test yesterday. I helped him with the study sheet last week and showed him how to do some of the things that he didn't understand. He got a 100% on the test!!! Yeah!! He did it exactly like I showed him. Even though he was a little difficult when I was trying to show him, it all turned out good!!

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It's a great day in the neighborhood....

Good Morning I'm in a good place today and want to share the good that has happened. So BM was still a total bitch to me at hockey this past Sunday and I swear she tries to do things to not get us to come there and I explained to my BF what she said and did when we got home that night. I didn't do it to start trouble but just to let him know. I think for the first time I actually said it out of disbelief but more casual then heated. I also that day talked with him about getting his mom and sister and brother and kids together for a little birthday party for his son who turns 7 this week. He agreed! YA! and so I started the groundwork. I figure I'm moving forward and planning and if it happens awesome and if not then we'll have a lot of cake to eat Smiling I'm trying not to let it get to me I'm forging ahead. Anyway BF called and asked her right away if we could have the kids this weekend, because she took them away last weekend. She agreed. Then we had an awesome weekend together and have been able to talk more about things which brings me to last night. BF told me that he talked with the X that day about the kids and also said that he went off on her for about a half hour about how she's been treating me and us!!!! I almost fell off the bed, I was so happy I wanted to kiss him all over and jump up and down! He said that she fought him awhile and then agreed......okay so I know I'm not letting my guard down that easy and don't trust that she'll change but let me tell you the fact that he said something and that he stuck up for me and us together was so awesome. He says that things are good right now and lets see how it goes. He told her that we are having the birthday party for SS, which I have to say worries me a bite because it gives her all week to stew but like I said before I'm forging ahead and I'm going to let the chips fall where they may. (and yes I'll be crying in my soup on Sunday afternoon here if things don't happen the way I planned Smiling But again thank you for being here.

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More nitpicky things

We wanted to get SS a certain thing for his birthday, but BM argued with us about it and brought up all these reasons not to get it for him. Then we find out that she's getting this very thing for him for Christmas... OK... just a few months ago she had a dozen reasons why he shouldn't have gotten it for his birthday, and somehow it's now ok for her to get it for him for Christmas? I'm trying not to let the things that she does get to me, but it's the little stuff like this that makes me feel like she doesn't care about making sense, and that she just argues with us for the sake of making things difficult. Ugh.