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Just Trying to Get By

Well, as I wrote earlier this weekend about my SD and her threat on her blog, that was an interesting read. She doesn't even make a new data entry, just edits the last blog entry. But I have contacted the site about what can be done about threats being posted on their sites because it is the 2nd time now they have appeared on her blog site, directed at me. So, whether she read correspondence I had addressed to her biomom, or whether biomom discussed the content of my correspondence, she should not have cause to threaten me, unless she's hiding something? But I am not going to put up being threatened by a 17 yr old punk. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. Honestly, I think my SD actually counts on the fact that biomom doesn't pay any attention to what she does. And my husband has washed his hands of her as well. I seem to be the only one that knows what's going on with this group of kids. They wrote a bunch of profane graffity on the school walls for a Sr. prank. Real high class stuff. And I just keep thinking back of all the stuff I'd been through with my SD and I shake my head, because it just boggles my mind. My husband summed it up pretty yesterday when he said, I don't know who she is anymore. All I can say is, I don't like what's she's become. I've got 11 months till the end of this mess....it seems like we've waited for it for such a long time to be over. I have to just keep telling myself that I can make it through the rest of this time, but there are days when I just can't stand it. I am trying to get myself motivated to work on other things here around the house like painting, gardening, and crafts. My hands are acting up with the dermatitis again...not fun at all. But I will figure some way to work around it to overcome the problem,somehow. Hope all is well in other parts of the country, for my friends who are actively raising their stepchildren.

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Received Warning from SD on her blog

Funny thing, actually I think it's almost humorous...was just briefly checking on recent blog entries from SD. I had sent a letter to biomom with a check and let her know some information about SD's drug and alcohol usage. SD has posted on her blog if anyone knew that she had been drinking or using anyone else's prescriptions? She wrote on there, she would definitely not do a thing like that. I guess, I'll have to send copies of this stuff to her mother by certified mail to make sure that her mother sees it. I think that SD took the letter and checks herself, as I believe that biomom has already moved from the house.

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Stepson relationship

I have been thinking about this and wondering. I have been a stepmom for 6 years now and at first my twin SS were 7 and now they are 13. I originally thought they would just like me and everthing would be great. I used to hug them and show them affection. Over the years things have changed, we moved into a bigger house with lots of more chores and responsibilities and we moved to the town where they went to school so we could see them more and I had 2 more children, 3 and 1 y/o. Life has just been very busy.

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Me too! Me too! I need to go to the hospital too!

Puncture wound. Puncture wound. Puncture wound. Just the words themselves are unpleasant and make me all squirmy. I had a health teacher in high school, Pred Poffman, who spent what seemed like an entire week talking about puncture wounds in uneccesary detail. One of my classmates fainted during class from revulsion. I'm not kidding. All I remember from those lectures were his tone when he said "puncture wound" and my poor classmate fainting.

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Biomom running our life

I am new to this but I need some HELP! I have 3 SS and my DH X just pawns them off on us whenever fits her schedule. I love having them here, actually it is hard because I have my own bioson who is 8 and there is a lot of fighting.

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Repeating mistakes..do you worry?

Do you ever worry that your spouse is repeating some of the same mistakes he made during his first marriage?

I've heard lots of stories over the last 5 years about his first marriage, from him, his friends, his family, etc. And of course the stories always had a spin favourable to him and negative to his X. The family, who didn't live under the same roof... has been fed his spin over the years also.

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Time Marches On

Well, time continues to march on and the days pass by, each with more intense heat than the one before. Or at least, so it seems to me. It's been well over a month, and I haven't heard a peep from SS....it still bothers me. And SD's comment that her Dad is MIA--don't you think that something would click in her head--after this time--there's a reason your Dad hasn't spoken to you? Duh??? But then, biomom, has told SD she hasn't done anything to apologize for. My husband had another discussion with me about SD last night....same stuff, but he is very adamant on his opinions, which I can understand. He has pretty much marked SK off. He says maybe some day "they''ll understand what they had" and I told him it wasn't likely because of the environment in which they lived. They didn't see they were doing anything wrong. It is rather interesting that FD is this weekend, as I do wonder on the off chance that my SS might call his dad, but I would say the odds are pretty high. I think that I'll just find something to do away from the house part of Sunday so it takes my husband's mind off things and then he can go swimming in the afternoon.

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I'm so glad I found this

I think this site has saved my sanity. I feel so much better knowing that there are people who really understand what I'm going through. The advice & encouragement has lifted my spirits emmensely.

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How many of you

believe that the hard earned money your DH pays to his X for child support is being used to actually support the child? His X has argued that she needs money for child care, but then find out she stopped using any during the school year late last year.

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I just don't like her and I wish he didn't, either

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm slightly jealous of the good relationship my husband and his ex- have. I know it's better for all three of us and for my SS, but I guess I want some justification for not thinking too highly of her. She's a good mother to our little boy but there are things about her I just can't stand and I feel awful for it.