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First Wife Returns

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We have not seen my boyfriend's daughter since the last huge explosion last year. If you remember, her mother tries to run her house and our house. I used to welcome her into our home for her daughter's sake, but that backfired. You see, my boyfriend has been divorced from his ex-wife since their daughter was 4 (she is now 16). The mother and daughter have manipulated my boyfriend for a long time - he used to mow her lawn, shovel the driveway, the ex-wife still attends all family functions on my boyfriend's side of the family "because she has been in the family for a long time"...

Off to court again

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We got ANOTHER court summons the other day. BM has accused BF of phone harrassment on a day that he had SS. I'm actually excited about it because it's a chance for us to show the court system how ridiculous BM is and how far out of her way she goes to try to get us into trouble. On the day in question, she sent me 3 emails that morning before BF left demanding that he call her NOW in regards to SS. I let him know, and he called her before he left to go get him. When he got her on the phone, he asked what she wanted.

Is this important? I don't feel like a "we."

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I asked hubby to call his daughter on our behalf to see how a show went that she was in...When he called he got the machine. Instead of telling her "it's dad, and we are calling to see how all went", he kept it in the "I." "I" just wanted to see how you did, call "me" back." Then when she called back...they chat and he said...Okay hon, I'm proud of you. I know it's "his" daughter, but I am so tired of feeling like a nonentity and outsider..I was the one who wanted him to call...Shouldn't he have said "Hi hon,"we" just wanted to say hi.."we're" so proud of you?

what should I do, what should I feel

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My SD informed her biomom on monday that she is not coming back to our house (we have 50/50). I believe it is because our house is strict with rules the rules are no tv, no computer, no music until homework is finished - then after homework she can do what she wants. She has rules to clean/pick up her bedroom and bathroom - but those rules only have to be followed if she wants to earn money - not required. She has no rules at her biomom's house.

just a phase?

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Hi, all:

Wondering if anybody else has had this kind of experience...

Wonderful little SS seems to be in a pattern of both lying and destroying or at least dismantling toys, then lying about what happened to the toys. Recently he has:

My space

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If any of your guys have a myspace acct PM me with your email addresses so we can keep in touch that way also. It would be nice to put faces with all the names and stories. If you are interested my email is It would be a nice way to contact eachother and maybe get together once and a while for coffee to discuss our drama.

Being a secret for the sake of his kids?

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Hi. I just joined about an hour ago. I am going through a divorce and the man I am involved with is also going through a divorce - basically because of each other. We've been in a relationship since summer of 2004. There have been periods when his estranged wife knew about us and periods when I am kept a secret.

Older Step-Daughter Takes, but Doesn't Give

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I am 36 years old and I re-married a wonderful guy (he is 14 years older) 2 years ago. My husband has 2 grown children, a daughter of 24 and son of 21. My problem lies with the daughter. My husband and I have been together for nearly 5 years and I have always been very supportive of both of his kids and have never tried to take the place of their mother (who lives in the area.)

My crazy life! =) SSSOOOO LONG! but well worth the entertainment

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Ok well I am new here so I will give you my whole crazy story here. Its very long! Ok my fiance and I have one child together, she is 8 months old. He was married once before, he has a 15 year old daughter, and a 9 year old son. The ex wife is crazy. From the beginning the kids had been coming to stay with us every other weekend and for at least a week of their school breaks, and most of the summer. We live three hours away from them, so thats six hours for one trip. Six hours on Friday and six hours on Sunday to take them back....which is a lot of time and gets to be a lot of money.