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Is this Mean???

SS is 6 and while he is at our house he has numerous friends to play with . DH and I encourage him to be outside or around other kids. We plan play dates and if we go or do anything we always try and have a friend come along. (SS is with us a full week the with BM a full week) If school is out early friends are always around or on no school days we either have him at friends or with friends. I teach school so I am off summers. I barely see him thoughout the day (the whole street light is on rule applies) (I live in a private subdivison so don't think I just let this kid run free I DO KNOW where he is at all times)

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Enough with the head games

I am so tired of my ex and his new girl friend playing head games with my daughter. My daughter went for a visit at her dads when I called to say good night I hear the step mom tell my daughter I am on the phone but she says my first name to my daughter (my daughter was four at the time and is now five).

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Just pondering why.....

Many bio's these days, seem to go for the jugular when it comes to issues regarding cs. Financial matters are most important to her....why? And why is she so bitter when her ex gets remarried? Is it because the new woman made her husband realize how he was getting taken advantage of? Sooooooooo many bio exwives (NOT ALL) take complete advantage of the biofather. She instills guilt, he folds. She conveniently reminds him that his child(ren) need him and love him at times where she simply wants HER way, he has to go home and try and explain it to the new woman. He is in the middle. Yet I cannot help but wonder how many of these men are completely honest from the beginning. I mean, I KNOW he has told her how crazy the ex is. That is the first thing out of his mouth. After all, every ex is crazy, right? Wrong.

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He's in another mommy-worship phase

I had a pretty good night with SS but got frustrated by his seemingly constant references to his mommy. I was drinking a Diet Pepsi and he pointed out, "Hey, my mommy drinks that." Daddy fast forwarded through a show he DVR'd and SS squealed, "Hey, my mommy can do that." There were a dozen other references to what he did "at my mommy's home" or "with my mommy." I was so frustrated by hearing it. And I know I can't scream, "Kid, I don't give a f*** about your mommy" to a 4-1/2 year old.

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So far...

I'm probably speaking too soon but so far there has only been one interruption from bm this week (and the phone went to voice mail and, better yet, no message). What a change from last week (we were interrupted daily with her drama). I'm sure I haven't seen the end of the interruptions but at least dh has started taking charge. He made an appointment with the dentist for the oldest ss to get a referral for braces (this was done the last time ss went to the dentist but bm failed to follow through). I was very surprised to see that dh did this. He is usually the one to let her do it (where has that gotten them so far????). I think he might realize that bm just doesn't do things for her youngest two children (dh's boys). She is fully capable of making appointments, keeping things straight and all when it comes to what she is interested in and if it benefits her (she'd be at a special ed meeting in a heartbeat-and even set it up-if it meant she could collect more SSI). We'll see if dh says anything to her about the appointment. I'd be surprised if he didn't tell her. We have conferences tomorrow night for the oldest ss. Those will go fine. Last night we had conferences for the youngest ss. We saw the list of parents and she wasn't on it for either night. Not surprising but very disappointing. She knows better. She knows she should be going (she has gone in the years before and even in the fall but she now has too much of a social life to go).

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Great book for understanding teens (and not feeling alone)

Bradley, a psychologist drawing on current brain research, argues that teenagers are basically nuts. While 95 percent of the brain develops in early childhood, the most advanced parts aren't completed until adolescence is nearly over.

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Happy to have found you!

I have only been a member of StepTalk for one day now, but already I can tell that I have found THE place for dealing with step issues! It's hard to discuss some of the things that go in a blended household with anyone even remotely connected to the situation, they all seem to look at it differently. Thanks for being here guys! I look forward to becoming a part of your community.

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Has anyone gone back to court to fight for full custody?

For the reasons that biomom violated most of the divorce decree and that you just can't stand him/her anymore and don't want to put up with his/her control over your lives? If so, what was the outcome of it?

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Awkward Moment

I don't know about you guys, but I never just "bump into" the ex wife. I see her at planned events - soccer, dance, school functions - so I have a minute to prepare, you know? But I hardly ever just see her out in public. Well, DH had the girls last night and one of them had dance practice. He asked me to meet him and the other SD for dinner. So we met in the parking lot and as we walked in, guess who was sitting right there?? Yep, BM and her husband. Arghh!!! Those of you who are familiar with my situation, BM wants nothing to do with me, has all but told me she hates my guts, will not communicate with me regarding the children, nothing. And just last week, I posted about how she called my DH to tell him "I had been talking about her and one of my friends told one of her co-workers and it got back to her"...blah, blah, blah. Listening to your advice, I didn't respond to that and just let it go. So seeing her last night just infuriated me. I guess because I wasn't quite over that situation from last week. Well SD runs over to her table to say hey and give her a hug while we go get in line and order our food. Then SD comes back to us and we go sit at the other end of the restaurant. Sure enough, when they get up to leave, they come to our table!!! Geez, talk about losing my appetite! Barf! She wanted to talk to DH about switching a night this weekend. I sat there, preparing my food and eating and looking at the TV that was in the corner, acting like they weren't even standing there. DH looked over at me and was like "is that okay with you?". I had totally tuned them out, so I was like "what?" and he told me what they wanted to do about switching. I told him that was fine with me (I was glad he asked me though - I'm sure that pissed her off).

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Happy Valentines Day Ladies.

Today's the day to celebrate our loved ones and friends.
I just want to say that even though I'm new to this site, I really appreciate it and you.

I hope you all have a great day.
What are some of your plans for today?