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Do you know what I am sick of????

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I am sick of ‘precious' that’s what DH and I call SD-15, telling the other 3 that she is sick of hearing all about their life. The other 3 talk about dance, gymnastics, friends, theatre group you name it… Darfur and other world events. She does not talk and is in therapy for this, yet every time the other kids that are comfortable with talking she tries to shut them down. She will Huff and Puff and say dooo weee really need to hear about this??? She is a downer in our family and I an am sick and tired of her trying to take us all down with her!!!

Money, Money, Money....

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Long story short - DH pays ~$700/month in CS. CS agreement states BM is to pay first $250 of medical bills for SD, the rest is split 50/50. BM claims that she can't afford to pay for SD new glasses, which BTW, she has know were needed for 5 months. She says she has too many bills. She assumed that DH would pay for 1/2... and asked if they could ignore the agreement this time... They are $160 total. DH did not have any $$ the day SD picked out her glasses, and he told BM just that.. She demanded to know if he was going to pay or not.. he said "I don't know".


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So like now I feel bad that I want them to move. My bf is making me feel that way. I really did like it better when I had my space and he had his space..His son will be getting out of jail soon and I would feel better if he had his own place for his son to visit him instead of mine. Am I wrong to want him to move out? I do love my bf but I like my space too. AAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhh let me out!

I think I figured it out?

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Well my SD was at home when I got home from work on Fri nite. My boys, my HD and SD were getting Monopoly out. They hadn't started the game but never asked if i was interested in playing. Actually, my SD and HD were not very talkative. I just went off and did my own thing. I noticed the music was on and it way what SD would listen to and from what i heard she was having a good time. Well when I came in and sat down and started to help my kids and get involved she withdrew. She actually said I'm finished with the game?? Wow!

Something really great came out of some craziness

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Let me just start off by saying that my oldest step son just told me this morning as I was leaving for work that he loved me! Yeah!!! I always tell him & his brother that I love him, 6yr old will say he loves me back but 9 y/o never does. DH asked him once don't you love step mom & he said I do, but you know... so DH left it at that. Which is fine I don't want him to feel forced.

I need help / advice

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When I married my husband 2 years ago, my children were getting ready to move out on their own, and he did not have custody of/ nor see his children (Ages 16, 15 and 13)from his previous marriage. They were living with their BM out-of-state - halfway across the country. After being a single parent for 12 years and raising my children on my own with no help from their BF, I was ready for a new life with my new husband. We were traveling, going to the theater, movies, dinners, parties, etc - REALLY enjoying life for the first time in my life.

It's been a while and I really need to vent.....

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I hope all is well with everyone and you survived the holidays! I've actually been pretty good up until this morning when I just want to sit and cry and scream and yell and its so d@mn upsetting to know that there isn't a d@mn thing I can do about it except to just throw in the towel and walk away. Okay so things have been going very well with BF and I've started to see that he really does love me and want me to be a part of his life and with his kids, etc.