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When will the thoughts go away?

Have you ever been so bothered by things you can't control, and knowing that, even in your subconscious when you sleep, dream of the problems? It's like I just can't get away from it. I can't talk to my husband about it....he won't discuss SD, especially. So, when I sleep, it's not restful, and I wake up with a bad migraine. I don't feel like I am accomplishing a whole lot these days--basic housework...it's too hot outside to get anything else done--nearly 100 every day. And my evenings and nights are not restful or relaxed at all. It is tense after my husband comes home....he is unhappy that the puppy has so much energy. I don't know what else to do about it. I try to run hit a bit in the day but it's so hot. I take his puppy pool out for him to play in the water awhile as well. It's really hard havng 3 dogs cooped up in the house.

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She's back...

Well, after making the statement that she was never going to speak to her father again, my boyfriend's stepdaughter, without advanced notice, showed up on Friday night because her mother and her had yet another blow out and we have had her at the house ever since.

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SD edits blog entries

Let's see...looks like SD is trying to make me think I am losing my mind...has completed deleted the entire entry from wwwmyspace.com and someone has commented on her xanga comments. She's simply too much.

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SD blog entry

This is taken from a blog entry. (Well, "to put it simple, I'm hurt".) Yea, me, too. Then, there are all the nouns, adjectives, and adverbs, describing the word, "hurt". How about we describe the word carnage, and what was left of my husband and I after our lives were ruined? Many of you know what carnage is. I haven't done anything yet, but this SD diva drama queen , is going on and on, how hurt she is. And I'm thinking, "talk to the hand", cause no one here cares. Your Dad isn't MIA. Get a life. He doesn't care. Your behavior has alienated people who loved you. Maybe someday these thoughts will pop in to my SD head. Yeah, like maybe when she's ninety. But for now, just know, that your Dad and I have read your blogs, and known what you've been doing all these years. And it's been almost four years since you pulled what you that was a fantastic manipulative trick--your runaway--because your Dad told you no. So, I hope it all turned out as great as your thought it would. B/C I am here, in the GA sunshine "flaunting" my husband, of seven years now, and we are very happy together. How many times did I set aside extra days/times for Dad to do something special--like bowling or roller skating? How many parties and overnighters did we do so you could have friends over? How many dozens of cupcakes, rice krispie bars, and cookies have I baked? How many blocks have I walked on my bad ankle to help sell GS cookies? How quickly all those things are forgotten. I took you home with me to my family several times for the holidays. But I guess everything that was done, has been forgotten and swept under the rug. I can only say, you aren't the only one with hurt feelings.

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What can be done

My ex-wife is furious because I let the kids stay with my mother, instead of my father when I went on my honeymoon. Now based on that one incident, she is threatening me with contept of court, and wants to go back to mediation and force me to pay her child support. We have the kids 50% of the time. I currently do not pay child support because she has a spending problem.

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SS17 going through breakup

Well last night my SS17 came into the livingroom to give me a big hug. I could tell he was upset but not ready to talk. I made us tea & then he told us that his GF14 has broken up with him. Earlier in the day he went over to his friends place to talk about the break up, & watch World Cup. While they were talking his friend told him that he's been an ass to me. I guess he had to hear it from someone outside the family.

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I'm so glad oldest SD lives 3 provinces away...

She called last night....Every time I answer the phone and get that "IS MY DAD THERE?" it drives me crazy. Never, ever, ever, ever how are you...the kids?! I have done nothing to this person...accept deliver her father by plane....for a visit for the first time ever!! Loan her my vehicle, look after her child, buy chirstmas/birthday gifts for her & her family. Try to talk to her to get to know her & she me. (After 5 yrs...I don't bother anymore) AND MAKE HER FATHER THE HAPPIEST HE HAS BEEN IN MORE THAN 20 YEARS!!!!! My GOD!! How horrible!!! I must be punished!!!!!

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I may do something drastic to make a point

I have been thinking about this for hours today....and I am thinking that I may just push the issue with the blog threats and do something drastic--at least as far as I can push it--because this time I've really had enough.

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Very Quiet Weekend

I have been enjoying a very quiet weekend. My husband and stepson went on a trip with the Boyscouts. It is just me and the girls(my dog and two cats)!

The bathrooms have stayed clean, I didn't have to cook and I rented a movie last night that I wanted to rent. Ahhh, the relaxation!

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Just Trying to Get By

Well, as I wrote earlier this weekend about my SD and her threat on her blog, that was an interesting read. She doesn't even make a new data entry, just edits the last blog entry. But I have contacted the site about what can be done about threats being posted on their sites because it is the 2nd time now they have appeared on her blog site, directed at me. So, whether she read correspondence I had addressed to her biomom, or whether biomom discussed the content of my correspondence, she should not have cause to threaten me, unless she's hiding something? But I am not going to put up being threatened by a 17 yr old punk. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. Honestly, I think my SD actually counts on the fact that biomom doesn't pay any attention to what she does. And my husband has washed his hands of her as well. I seem to be the only one that knows what's going on with this group of kids. They wrote a bunch of profane graffity on the school walls for a Sr. prank. Real high class stuff. And I just keep thinking back of all the stuff I'd been through with my SD and I shake my head, because it just boggles my mind. My husband summed it up pretty yesterday when he said, I don't know who she is anymore. All I can say is, I don't like what's she's become. I've got 11 months till the end of this mess....it seems like we've waited for it for such a long time to be over. I have to just keep telling myself that I can make it through the rest of this time, but there are days when I just can't stand it. I am trying to get myself motivated to work on other things here around the house like painting, gardening, and crafts. My hands are acting up with the dermatitis again...not fun at all. But I will figure some way to work around it to overcome the problem,somehow. Hope all is well in other parts of the country, for my friends who are actively raising their stepchildren.