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I forgot to mention my husband was helpful with the dogs!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody and anyone that cares....my husband was helpful for the last two days with the dogs!!!!! Yea for me!!!!!!!!
Maybe he's getting the message!!!

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Do kid really grow up at 21 and make decisions or do their biomoms ever leave them alone?

Well, that's a heck of a mouthful....but it really leaves you wondering.....here were are back to this old issue about my stepson. Flipping Snowflake Exwife will never leave stepson alone (who is now in the military) and makes his life hell when he is home to visit. She just can't ever let the subject rest about my husband and myself with my stepson and keeps stirring things up to try and upset him knowing it makes him uncomfortable. So, he still tries to stay in contact but its obvious that something has transpired since his last visit home at Christmas (to his Mom's). But he is not really at a point that he can say, hey, Dad, what can I say, I'm a wuss, and afraid of my mom. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. So now, my husband thinks and has convinced himself that my stepson won't come for Easter even though my stepson has said differently.

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Learning to Identify what Makes me Angry

I've noticed that in the last few months, that I've been able to isolate events and behaviors of other people that seem to trigger me to lose my temper or composure. It's kind of when I know I am reaching a point where I just can't stay around someone anymore without getting harsh. I think that many people in the roles that we have pretty much have a breaking point, and in some cases, I have gone past the breaking points until I can't go any further. It's like being on a tightrope, and the rope is so tethered and frayed, you are wondering how you can possibly continue to walk on it. Life seems to be that way for some of us like that sometimes.

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Trying to be Pleasant...even if it kills me

Well, I've had a difficult couple of days and haven't been on line because of some events that have happened at home. Namely, a major crisis and comment made by spouse, in which I was so angry, I could have really slapped him silly.

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It's been hard to process and talk about...

Thanks SympatheticBioDad for stopping by my main blog to say hi! That was so very nice of you!

Well, things with my step-son are not getting better. Since he moved back in with his mother, he's actually gotten worse. My Hubby and his ex had a very long talk last night about their son and came to a very hard conclusion: he needs medical help.

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Riding on my Shirttails

I almost have to laugh this morning as the last couple of days, as much as I wanted to have enough time to myself to write and blog what I have been doing, there just wasn't enough time, because I couldn't get enough help from my husband with the dogs. Two days ago, he was supposed to be watching the puppy for an hour, and I found out when I came downstairs, that a tapestry rug my Mom had given me had been soiled on by the dog. Mind you, I am home for over 8 hours during the day with no accidents from 3 dogs. But give my husband, 1 dog, and 1 hour, and there's a mess. Well, the story later came out, he was watching his video of American Chopper that he had taped from Monday night. So, I put 2&2 together and figured the problem wasn't the dog, but someone else. It's driving me crazy. He is complaining about the housetraining and I have flat out said, I don't have problems with the dog during the day, the problem seems to begin when you come home. He is not as attentive or as interested in the dog's housetraining. It doesn't matter to him if it makes me laundry, but boy, he sure can complain which really wears on my nerves. And then, I have been working so hard with Murphy, the greyhound rescue to walk him off a lead and get him to come back off a lead, and my husband has done nothing, and takes him out this morning and lets him off the lead and Murphy comes back, and I said, boy, wasn't that really nice for you? I asked him, time and time again to spend some time getting to know Murphy which he didn't do. I don't mean to say I'm the greatest, but it was a lot of work and to just ride on my coattails, well that it really damning, especially at 5 a.m.! It would have served him right if Murphy wouldn't have come back to him. Because it very well could have happened. Last night he just kept complaining he wanted the puppy to be finished being trained for housebreaking because it was interfering with what he wanted to do. And if I'd had a shovel, I probably would have bopped him one. When I see his attitude with the puppy, I can't see how he was any more patient years ago when he had small children.

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In searching for answers to my questions, I found this website. I am new to the "stepparent" role and face new and challenging obstacles on a daily basis. Hopefully, this site can shed light on some of the problems I encounter. Here's hoping.

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You Know You're Old When....

I sent my stepson's teacher an e-mail to tell her that he may be having some problems with his new retainer and she replys with the fact that she can relate because she still has to wear a retainer at night herself!!

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I Had Quite a Busy Morning

I had to take my stepson to the orthodontist this morning before school started, to pick up his retainer. He, for whatever reason, thought that this retainer was going to be some kind of "fun" thing.

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A Good Day

I've had a couple of productive days here during the day by myself. It rained overnight and then the pool company was out early this afternoon again to set up the pool. Turns out the filter housing is cracked and needs to be repaired so hopefully our insurance will cover it. I have to wait for the company to send a technician to look at work order for the repair. After that, hopefully, it will be approved. But I found out, the insurance won't cover the diving board because it is a structure so we will have to purchase a new one, and that stinks, as it isn't cheap ($375). It's cracked and we have never used it once. I've had a massive migraine for over 5 days now and nothing seems to make it subside. It is driving me absolutely crazy. And I have to clean up after the dogs as my oldest one is now trying to mark everything, mostly out of spite. He is old and incontinent and has to wear a diaper part of the time so I am thinking this is his opinion of life now.