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Princess is lying to her Daaaaaaaaaaad!

Princess is lying to her Daaaaaaaaaaad!

He talked to her she said..she "had NOTHING to do with my daughter batting..the other coach did the line-up & while she was saying .."I'M NOT taking the heat for this one."... she's now trying to distance herself..and look like the rose in Daddy's eyes..

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I don't know what to do

Well here is my story. We are getting married in three weeks and his children hate me and i have bent over back words for them. His ex is a very anger person she has brain washed them that im a bad person.

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Mother in law question....

I spoke to my mother in law today and I had mentioned that I'll be throwing a bday party for my daughter. Her first question was are you combining your stepson's bday too w/hers? I said no, I don't want to have to deal w/his mother about sharing the party together.

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What is SD's problem.....Dad too!!

If a kid had a broken leg & recently got the cast off, was still limping.. was instructed by the parents/doctors to not run on the leg until after the final x-ray... Most people or a sports coach wouldn't have a problem respecting the parents wishes & doctors orders RIGHT!

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Where's Sweetie?

Sweetie, haven't heard from you for a while..or am I just missing your blogs? You okay?

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Biomom and Her Ex-Boyfriend Conned Stepson Out of His B-Day Money!

Can you believe this? Stepson told us that the ex-boyfriend wanted to use the money that stepson got from his birthday party that biomom had for him, so they could buy a Playstation 2. We advised stepson that he shouldn't do it. What if ex-boyfriend moves out? Who gets to keep the Playstation 2? Plus ex-boyfriend will hog it and not let stepson play. Not to mention that we have a Playstation 2 here that stepson gets to play 20 days out of the month( homework permitting of course.)

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Quit playin' "remember when" with my husband!

OK, went to another hilarious tee-ball game on Saturday. Those kids are a riot! My SS's mommy, on the other hand, not so much...

I've kvetched on here before about sitting with her at games. We really can't avoid her because it's an indoor field with only a few places to watch. She's usually sitting on an end by the time we get there and there's really nowhere else to go.

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Strange days...

Today we returned my husbands eight year old daughter to her mom. We met at the respective meeting place. What is odd is that stepdaddy dearest was not with her. It was just her 13 year old daughter from a previous marriage with her.

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Love/Hate Relationship with Bio-Mom

Ok, so most of the time this woman is hell-bent on my destruction. Most of you probably have read my "Did I mention she's psycho?" post (if not I suggest you do to get a little background). It's hard to explain it, but every now and then she'll kind of switch modes temporarily and treat me as if I wasn't the woman dating her ex, but rather a friend that she can confide in and let her feelings out to.

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HI All!!! Glory be I sure am glad that I can find somewhere safe where I can vent and have someone tell me if I am wrong or right.
I have been dating the sweetest man for about 2 yrs , he just asked me to marry him which was something I really wanted until recently when Ive been reevaluating everything.