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I wish I could just be completely happy...

My fiance and I live together with his 3 yr old son half the time. At first it was hard because of the BM, along with adjusting to having a little one around all the time. Things have gotten better with the BM so far and his son and I are starting to form a bond.

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Things are still looking up, but I have a question.

BM has been suprisingly easy to get along with the past couple of weeks. I think that she has realized that instead of complaining and griping about things all the time, it's more constructive to address them in an adult manner. We've discussed Christmas presents for SS and for each other through SS, and she even brought up SS getting ME something for Christmas! I was shocked! I really hope that this attitude has bled over into her home life and that things are easier on SS too now that she has decided to be more cooperative and less psycho. That being said, I have a question for you all about overnight visitation.

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I have a 3 and a half year old stepson who is in my opinion out of control. It seems all of the problems between my husband and I are around him. If his son was mine he would not be acting that way, like today and ever day he is over he is still up at almost 11pm and will be up past 12am.

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Controlling BM strikes again

SD is on swim team and when she has away meets, she is supposed to ride the bus with the team. Well, we asked the coach if on our weekends, we could take her directly to the pool, because we don't live in the area and it is hard on our family to drive from point A-B 45 minutes, then point B-C 30-60 minutes, when we could just go point A-C 30-45 minutes, not to mention we have a few conflicts. Coach said, "sure, no problem, just let us know when that will be happening."

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How many are there? A "mini" poll....

I guess I didn’t realize how many of “us” there were here? How many are pregnant (so far I’m counting 3 Caitlin, Skye22 & Sweetthing) or Trying To Conceive (TTC) or in our case plan to start trying REAL soon?

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The kids might get their wish!

Yesterday I took a pregnancy test & it came out positive!!! Both SS have told us they want a baby brother & it looks like it may happen. I am waiting for Dr to call back as the last one was ectopic & there is a 20% reoccurance rate.

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Venting today.....

Well I don't understand this at all but it just slays me that BM continuously takes those kids on road trips like every other weekend and BF just goes with the flow. We have to ask her for the kids and then she dictates when we are going to have them and for how long and if she changes her mind which she does quite frequently then we may not after setting this up. I think its just nuts. BF's sister is having a group birthday dinner party for his neice, his mom and me in two weeks. She asked if we would have the kids because all the other kids would be there and I said well we'll ask. Talked with BF and I'm not sure what the discussion was with BF but he comes back to say that she's taking them away again for the weekend in two weeks and that we can have them this weekend and part of next weekend! What the hell is part of next weekend??? and then the following weekend she's taking them away. Now if that were us asking to take them away it would not happen! I get so frustrated with BF because he's just so happy that she's letting him/us see them that he doesn't ever stand up to her. I don't want to fight with her either because it just hurts the kids but I hate the control she has......See there it is I hate the control she has, I guess that's my biggest beef today.

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How much is too much?

DH pays $1000/mo for ONE child and SD is 18 in a private college (she could have had a full ride to other schools, but of course had to choose to pay out the wazoo instead). DH pays $10000/year toward her school and care. DH supplied $10000 car for kids.

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for those ladies and gentlemen that have AIM my screen name is dianna1350

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Feeling very much like a nobody today!

Feeling very much like a nobody today! Biomom bought SD a cell phone…the kind where you cannot dial a number but only the person with the code can program in a number…the phone is for emergencies (in light of all the drama we’ve had going on recently…I don’t wanna go into that b/c we are still deciding the details…but anywayz…) this evening SD is showing me this phone her mommy got her and all the numbers she programmed in for her to call in case of emergency…well of course biomoms in there and my husband and then there are various, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends but none of my numbers were in the phone…I have to admit that I was a little miffed by this! Half of those people she is to call do squat for SD on a regular basis compared to what I do for her and I’m not good enough to be an emergency call!? This just reinforces how she views me and my role in her daughter’s life and I think it is really sad b/c it is her “view” of me that is going to keep my SD from a lot of things in the future…i.e.