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everything changes when sd is here

Everything in my house changes when SD 11 is here. My Dh starts picking on my 2 year old a lot more for some reason. Correcting his behavior constantly, interjecting into conversations that he isn't even a part of. Trying to discipline him over and over. While coddling our dd almost one, and while sitting cuddled up on the couch with SD 11. I looked over today and her head was on his shoulder, they couldn't have been closer. I was never that close to my dad, never called my dad "daddy" either. Dh has told me not to come to him with problems I have with SD, to tell her myself. (I have tried diengaging) I mean the girl left our house today with no shower. I make dinner, she's a picky eater, I told her if she didn't like it then she didn't have to eat it. Probably said it with an attitude. So when I finally stand up to her Dh calls me out, saying it was rude. Then he said he couldn't eat the dinner either bc it had onions in, so they both got up while my son and I were eating and cleared their plates! I couldn't believe it. How rude. We'be been fighting all weekend bc at dinner yesterday he spent the whole time correcting my 2 year old, while SD had her head down on the table, I had finally had enough and told him to leave my son alone. Told him in front of everyone and that's why he was mad, I would do it again in a second. We've been getting along great, then when she comes over he changes into this aggressive person. He doesn't care if his daughter has diet coke for breakfast but if my son asks for am oreo, he says no. Today as soon as my son went to bed for his nap, he took SD 11 for icecream. I mean as soon as my sons door was closed. I get anxiety pretty badly when I know she's coming over. Almost to the point of making me sick. We're supposed to do eow but we live close and they don't follow the parenting plan so it's a surprise to me sometimes. I care about SD but it just gets weird and hostile at my house when she's here and I don't know what to do anymore.

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No wonder you get an anxiety

No wonder you get an anxiety attack before she comes over!! Is your husband nuts?YOur position in that house is completely wiped off thanks to him as soon SD arrives.Who wouldn't be anxious??And he treats you and tells you off like a child and treats his girl like his wife - she is allowed what she wants and clings on him like a mini-wife and he thinks that is ok??????This man needs to learn he can't have it all- a child who he treats better than his wife and a wife.You will need to put both feet down and make sure he understands that this is unacceptable since you are not their doormat or second choice !Bloody hell, all those Disney guilty incapable dads really suck, I am sorry you have to go through that, mate.

I am back -with new and different problems, grrr

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DH actually will purchase

DH actually will purchase groceries like milk things for breakfast and dinner. I know that at least we will have food but, when they are gone it is back to pop corn and beer for dinner. The skids won't speak to anyone else in the house except for "MY DAD" where is "MY DAD" have you seen MY DAD" My DH and I separated for 9 months then I let him back in very big mistake I am right back where I was before.... This past weekend I just went to my parents I knew I had no tolerance for it.. I haven't been participating in the beer because I really don't have anything to celebrate DH will drink till he passes and snores loudly then in the am he wants to be intimate... Hmm no thanks.

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Are you married to my H?

Are you married to my H? Sad Except his liquid of choice is wine...

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he'd be finding himself

he'd be finding himself single and alone in a hurry if that was me and mine he was doing that crap to.

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The way you worded this- is

The way you worded this- is your son not your SO's? If so, I would never let him treat my kid that way-not happening. I'd cut his balls off with a rusty knife.

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No he is not his bio. He's

No he is not his bio. He's been in my sons life since he was 6 months old.

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That would REALLY piss me

That would REALLY piss me off. He can make out with his daughter all he wants but I'd tell him to keep his mouth off my kid if he enjoys ownership of his penis. And not taking him for ice cream is just mean.

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Wow, he's picking on a 2yr

Wow, he's picking on a 2yr old to try to impress an 11 yr old it seems. Head on table during meal, refusal to eat (and joining her), doesn't shower, wants junk for breakfast, get's special treats and it's all okay with him because he's trying to show her that they are a Team. What he's doing is ganging up in some errant effort to make her feel comfortable -somewhat of a twist to guilt parenting.
I would call him out on that immediately. Children develop their personalities during ages 2-5 yrs old so what happens to them during those years is critical as it paints a permanent picture in who they will be for life. If he's being treated roughly for long enough, it's going to have an impact.

If I were in your shoes, I'd tell him if he wants to Princessify his daughter, fine; when she's a hellcat in few years, that'll be HIS issue. But that he'll not do it at the expense of your son's well-being by being a bully to him.

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Our entire routine/atmosphere

Our entire routine/atmosphere at home would change whenever SD14 came over. I dreaded her visits up to 3 days prior and got tense, anxious and angry when I knew my peace and quiet was going to be non-existent for a week.

I can only sympathize with you here. I have no advice. My situation changed drastically in June when SD decided to live with her mom full-time and not come over anymore. I'd suggest that, but realistically, it likely wouldn't happen for you.

What did work somewhat for me when SD was still coming over - I'd retreat to my room with a glass (ok, a bottle - a very LARGE bottle) of wine and a good book. Or I'd swing by a friend's home after work to visit, or walk the mall or...anything to keep me away from home as long as possible.

Hang in there. I'd love to say it gets better, but I'm a realist.

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Same issue here, but my

Same issue here, but my daughter is 9 and would respond to this treatment with attitude right back. So imagine bf being at HER house all the time, taking her mom away from her, treating her nicely, though, no problem there. His kids show up and he flips a switch. Starts treating my daughter differently/rudely, his girls can do no wrong, and it's like there are two sides all of a sudden. And then his problem with my daughter is how she is rude/disrespectful, etc. which was a direct response to his treatment of her. Then *I* was the bad parent for letting her treat him this way!

Solution: He no longer stays here. Thankfully, no marriage, so it's easy to undo. They get along well now. We have minimal issues.