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r u serious

So my mother in law has hated me from day one. But not like u would think. She has told me that I stole my hubby from the love of his life (his baby mama is who she was referring to) I am keeping him from her, his son, and his love. Ha. And that I'm a home wrecker. I have given my husband several chance to get out if that's what he wanted. And even when he did decide he wanted out he came right back with no influance on my part. He doesn't like talking to his mom cause all she does is complain about everything and pulls the potty me card. He can't stand his baby mama that's y he ran and found me in the process. And his baby mama keeps us from my ss. She moved to another state and never answers the phone when we call. And when we make plans to get him bm makes up excuses like oh we have plans. Grr but my point of this is. BM lives with my mother in law. I'm not kidding in the slightest.

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Ouch. Sounds like an ugly

Ouch. Sounds like an ugly situation all around.

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Wow. Of course I would avoid

Wow. Of course I would avoid MIL and let DH do all the communicating with them.

He needs to get his mom in line or put her in her place.! not you.

If you are going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill

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^This is exactly what I was

^This is exactly what I was about to write^

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I am practically *in* your

I am practically *in* your situation in regard to my MIL. After her last little eppisode, I told my DH that she is dead to me. It upsets me a lot b/c it essentially means my youngest DD only has one grand parent who's even interested in her at all, but my MIL is toxic and I won't have her in my life anymore.

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