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When you got a parenting plan did you have to write an outline of your relationsip wiht your ex and child?

I am just wondering how many of you had to do this? I think what DH is doing is called a Client Declaration form. It outlines your relationship with the ex and child. He is just writing pages and pages of every little thing BM did that he thinks is detrimental to SD. He has over 6 pages so far documenting everything from when they met in 1993 until now and he's still not done bashing BM. He hasn't even gotten to the part about SD.

I'm just wondering what others wrote and how long you made it because what he is doing seems RIDICULOUS!

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Mapper, I feel so bad for

Mapper, I feel so bad for you. He's acting like a lunatic, and, if BM has to hire a lawyer to fight him on this, he could end up paying for that, plus court costs. And I honestly don't think he has a leg to stand on. Can't you just bop him with a skillet or something and hope he wakes up with amnesia and forgets this craziness?