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Please Make Him Go Away!

Can we just skip the rest of the week and get to Saturday?

I don't want to cook this week because I can't stand that DH allows PseudoSS8 to make special demands and menus about what he wants to eat and doesn't want to eat. Eat what the hell I cook or eat nothing! The menu is already designed around kid crap all week. Plus he has the habit of lurking around in the kitchen staring at the stove trying to determine what I'm cooking and how much of it he can have. Sick of watching him gorge, flinging crumbs all over the place, sucking up every leftover.

I am sick of his stank ass getting up in middle of night and taking crap in master bathroom instead of going downstairs. He sits in there for 30 minutes like a grown ass man, walks out leaving on the light and never washing his hands. I made him lysol down every door knob & light switch this morning and DH wanted to know why. I taught him the lesson of E.coli and how I don't want his nasty germs.

Sick of seeing his nasty underwear in the floor in the guest bedroom. Sick of sitting on his dumb little miniature toys. Sick of taking 10 minutes to get in and out of the car to go anywhere because he's either looking for stupid toy to take in with him, playing his DS and wants to finish a game before getting out, have to find and put his shoes back on b/c his lazy ass wants to stretch out as soon as he gets in a car. Just sick of him being here!

I will be so glad when he finally finishes figuring out DH is not his Father. Maybe just maybe he'll be more interested in making his mother expose his real father and I won't have to deal with him in my life all the time.

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OK. I hope it works out for

OK. I hope it works out for all of you.


I've observed humans for 70 years and dogs for 10. I prefer the dogs.

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You need to set some rules

You need to set some rules and teach the skid some manners. He doesn't need to be in the kitchen when your cooking, tell him to get lost. In my house, they eat what I cook. Dont like it? Dont eat then. Simple as that.

Bathroom? Oh no, they will not use ours. They have their own. Dont even think about coming into my room either. They clean up their own messes. Leave out your stuff when you go to bed? You lose it for 24 hours, the first time. Do it again? You lose it for a week.

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SD12 used to do that!! Lurk

SD12 used to do that!! Lurk around sniffing at the pot "oooh that smells yummy, what is it?"

Told her "chilli" (which she had eaten and loved prevoiously)

Out she goes, next thing OH comes in and whispers to me "can SD12 only have a tiny bit as she is upset because she hates chilli!"

WTF? Last time she was here the greedy cow ate 2 massive serves in seconds flat (no kidding this kid literally hoovers up every piece of food within sucking distance)

So I gave her a small amount (seething internally at the little bitch)

A few weeks later I'm in the kitchen - haven't started cooking yet, and OH was on the computer (just around the corner from the kitchen. The kids walk in, and my dd20 says "what's for tea?" I tell her (whatever I had decided can't even remember what it was now) And she said "Oh can't we have chilli?" SD12 pipes up with "oh yes, can we please have chilli, I love chilli!"

Well. OH heard (oh boy was I doing the internal happy dance that day!!!!)

He stomps around the corner behind SD and confronts her about her games LMAO - got ya you conniving little sod.

She hasn't messed with me like that since....

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My step ate dinner, leftover

My step ate dinner, leftover pizza. Then helped his dad eat his dinner (corn dawgs, tater chips,corn on the cob, pickles.) I had just thrown something together when hub stumbled in announcing he was hungry. Step then got hub some yoghurt that he had "bought" for his dad at the store..
It was kind of cute.

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I definitely run him out of

I definitely run him out of the kitchen and I can just glare at him when he's even heading that way if I'm in there. I don't make him anything special--that's the DH job if he wants to kiss butt.
I just get sick of having him around. Always having to tell him the same thing every damn day. His BM pays him no attention and teaches him nothing. So he's like a wild animal the first week every time and it's a constant battle to get him decent enough to be around humans. "Make your bed. Put your bowl away. Clean up your spill. Go get your clothes off the floor. Chew your food. Get out of my refrigerator. Stop interrupting".

DH gives him a life that most kids can only dream of. He gets to do all kinds of things that most kids don't. He gets have adventures, vacations, the latest toy, quality time with a Parent. But he's lazy, sloppy, acts like he's 5. He can spend all day at an expensive fun waterpark yet come home and want to then go somewhere else, like to beach or to movie. If DH says no, he starts in with "I never get to do anything". Then he pulls the pouty baby stunts when he gets the slightest bit of chastised about it, he likes to say "everyone hates me" "no one likes me" and all of that mess to get DH's attention and it works every time. Or he'll threaten not to come back and visit (to which I say Fine with me!)

I just want him to go home. And stay home.

My happiness is my responsibility. Your kid is your responsibility.

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My s/kids are picky so when

My s/kids are picky so when they ask what's for dinner, I just answer 'food'. So they can't bitch about it until it's sitting in front of them and they have to try it. And they are not allowed in our room and certainly not our bathroom, without permission. I let my 3yo come in whenever he wants because he's not a nuisance and prying around for things like they do. And I actually have him use our bathroom all the time because the other kids are disgusting slobs and their bathroom is nasty, so I don't even want my son in there.

I want my s/kids to disappear forever. I know the feeling. If you figure out how to make it happen, let me know!!

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There are ways...none that

There are ways...none that are legal though. Eye-wink I want my DH to be happy and I know he loves the brat so I don't want him to really go away. I just want to see a whooooole lot less of him! And when we do see him, I want DH to stop allowing himself to be taken advantage of by both SS8 and BM and to stop catering to the brat. I'd be happy seeing him every other Month, one weekend. Lol

My happiness is my responsibility. Your kid is your responsibility.

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Ugh, I hate the snooping in

Ugh, I hate the snooping in pots. I don't let them in the kitchen while I am cooking so they stand in the doorway on their tip toes trying to peek in the pots and see what I am taking out of the cabinats.

My rule is: you eat what I give you, no complaints. If you complain, then you get a double serving. If there's something that they legitimately don't like, they can tell me politely AFTER dinner. If I think its a legitimate dislike of a food ill avoid it for them in the future, and if I believe its just whining (or something they need to be eating) then tough noogies, you eat what I cook.