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need help from someone with step parent experience

Will try to keep this short......... DH and crazy BM divorced when kid was 3 months, DH put her BM through college she graduated then out the door. 7 years they co-parent like there still together, BM remarried has new baby DH stayed single focused life soley his BD. DH and I dated, the first time we got my kids and DH kid together BM had to come by his house to drop off shirt she wanted daughter to wear the next day called 15 times and txted him to no end..... DH and I married....... BM lost it....... BM and I don't know each other but he went from an agreed 50/50 to every other weekend , BM's doing, they had never followed a court order........ The attacks were first on me, she did not want me unsupervised, didn't wrk, everything the Judge rules on and it's never in her favor, she files another motion and another and another........ SHe has had SD in counseling for one reason or another since 5, she has the counselor totally wrapped and counselor testifies that it would damage the child to be away from BM, so we are waiting for final hearing after a year and a half of battling and 15,000 of debt. BM does not want him to have his 30 days. SD is spoiled and bratty and very entitled, but I have never seen her upset , anxiouse or any of these things at our house. She loves her new siblings they all do really well together........ I am just exhausted..... someone please HELP!!!!!

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Help with what? I'm not sure

Help with what? I'm not sure what you are seeking advice about...

I don't cater to crazy.

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I don't see any choice here

I don't see any choice here but to carry on with the court proceedings.


I've observed humans for 70 years and dogs for 10. I prefer the dogs.

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Help on how to stay sane.

Help on how to stay sane. Keep Bkids out of the middle and let this battle not effect my once calm life. I have less dhrama with 5 than there is over this one. ugggg