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Today is a new and better day :-)

So yesterday I was frustrated that SO constantly goes on about SS2. If anyone took offence then I am sorry but it had been a long couple of days. I also had BM telling me I had to look after SS2 this weekend when SO is busy (something that's been planned for months) as she wants to go out with friends - saturday will be my first day off in weeks!! So needless to say I was fed up with it all and if anyone did take offence it was not my intention.

Today is a new day, a sunny day. And on Friday night I get to chill out and have a week off Laughing out loud

So to all those STalkers out there who are having it rough today, just remember the sun is shining (take it whilst you can if you're in the UK Sticking out tongue) and SKids will soon be back with their other parent - unless of course you having one pf those uninterested BM's :/