Does your step child (ren) play one side against the other?

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8% (6 votes)
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My Step Son will not listen

I am so glad I have found this website because I feel so alone with this! My In laws ans step son have always "bullied" my husband insisting on calls visits etc. It came to a head when my husband 4 months ago said he had had enough and we emigrated. My step son has kept in touch by text and talks to his dad regularly. The problem is even though I have tried and tried to explain to my husband that my step son text messages all hours of the night when we are trying to sleep (its driving me crazy!) and its wrong my husband will not support me with this and the amount of times I have been unable to get back to sleep has worn me out totally! Step son is 16 yrs old and is WELL AWARE of the time difference but I am sure he does it to upset me why I do not know as I have always been good to him. The problem now is I dont think I can cope with this any longer as we have gone through it many times and my husband has claimed he has told him not to contact him at unreasonable times but he has carried on! I am now considering leaving my husbans because I am fighting a losing battle. My step son even text me 5am one morning to tell me there is a good song hes heard! I get NO Support from my husband over this and cant make him see my side at all. I dont want to leave but I cannot cope! Any Advice?

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why can't you just put the

why can't you just put the cell on silent and then you will get his text messages when you wake up and can return them at that time....

Make a GREAT Day!

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Cell Phone Crisis

Hi Nise, Thankyou so much for your reply. Tried this and it worked for 1 night! Husband keeps it on and when I say please I want a good nights sleep he says "Oh Dont go on"! The Truth is he hasnt had a gentle word with my step-son even though he says he has.The proof is there every night with the texts! And he will not side with me over this at all. Its got to the stage where when my husband goes on the road overnight hes a (Truck Driver) I know I can have a good nights sleep! I cant see a light at the end of this and my husband lying to me doesnt help either.

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