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step daughter drives me crazy

Ok so i met my partner when her daughter was about 14 months, her father has never been involved in her life so i took her on as my own she didnt start talking till she was 3yr, she has always been a pain but i put up with it she is 4 now and when she goes to bed she will stay up for hours, goes in bathroom and emptys stuff in the bath goes through my draws in bedroom, she will do the exact same thing 2 mins later after being told off and im getting to the point where i want to leave, also i have a 2 yr daughter with my current partner and she is good as gold help me please

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IMO, "being told off" isn't

IMO, "being told off" isn't an appropriate form of punishment for a 4 year old child. Have you tried taking away toys or having her do age-appropriate chores instead? I make my 5yo do things like writing lines, folding clothes, cleaning up his own messes, etc. when he needs to be punished.

I have a SS and also 2 kids with DH, so I understand the resentment towards the skid and the thought that my own kids are better than him. Is it possible that the 4yo notices that you treat your daughter better than her? If so, then her bad behavior may be a way for her to get noticed and get some extra attention from you and your wife.

I have a 5yo who has trouble getting to sleep at night. Here are some things that we have tried that have helped:
- get plenty of exercise
- eat well all day long and don't load up on snacks/juice at nighttime
- establish a bedtime routine (we brush, bathe, then read books every night)
- if still not sleepy, give the kid a nightlight and a few books to read.