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Husbands ex-wife

I have to deal with this women, that is re-married does not work, pregnant behaves like a child.
Feels like she is entitled to everything. I am so angry with her emails, having such a hard time with this women

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This must be my husband's ex

This must be my husband's ex wife! She doesn't work, neither does her new husband....on welfare, wants us to increase child support so she can continue to not work, pay 100% of braces, cover all extra curricular activities, 100% plane fare for visitation (they live in az, we are in va) I wish everyone could get along, but sometimes her requests are just plain unreasonable.

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Heh- the X in this claims

Heh- the X in this claims that she is sooooo busy. Doing what? Busy collecting free money? She does a part time job is all and has the time to spend all day at the kid's school?

Wow. That's just awful.

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