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Well we've got a runaway...

SD17 took off to BM's house Monday morning (DH has full custody). Acted like she was going to school and never went. Left a note stating no one respects her privacy. She's been staying with GMA/GPA as I've been out of father has been in hospice after having a second stroke and finally passed away. So her timing really stinks in my mind. She called DH a few times yesterday just to let him know she was okay...DH replied that he didn't give a shit and hung up on her.

BM is a POS-trash-drug addict-alcholic-whore, has never done anything for SD EVER, typically goes years without seeing her. She has 4 children total, 3 different daddies and has custody of NONE OF THEM.

Her phone has been turned off and thats seriously her lifeline. So I know that accompanied with DH hanging up on her pretty much rocked her world. BM has text DH about her coming back, (knowing she really doesn't even want her), DH doesn't reply. I've made it clear to DH that this is the last straw. The car needs to get back to us, along with her phone. She does not deserve anything anymore. She's an entitled spoiled brat. She also wants to drop out of school. She won't graduate on time anyway so I guess her solution is to quit.

I've had it.

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Annnnnnd Child Support

Annnnnnd Child Support Warrant from BM to DH coming in 5.....4......3.....2.....1.


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LOL! We said the same thing.

LOL! We said the same thing. Too bad BM is in arrears for well over $15,000....

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Not if the child's not in

Not if the child's not in high school and it's impossible for her to go to college without a diploma first.

The child would be considered an emancipated youth.


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I hope your DH doesn't cave

I hope your DH doesn't cave in and feel sorry for the little harpie.

I wish my husband would put his boot up SS18's ass.

A letter arrived from school yesterday and it has disappeared from sight - I imagine it's pretty bad if DH didn't leave it on the counter (like he always does).

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I fully anticipate him to.

I fully anticipate him to. He's already asked me questions about getting her a flip phone. WHYYYYYYY??? Who cares if she's got a phone or not? I don't.

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Have you ever heard the

Have you ever heard the phrase "Necessity is the mother of invention?"

In other words, where there is a need, a person will create a solution. Let SD17 experience a need and also let her create a solution for HERSELF. If no one will meet the need FOR HER, she will learn to meet the need for HERSELF.

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I agree 1000%. And this is

I agree 1000%. And this is what I've discussed with DH. I'm absolutely willing to help anyone who wants to help themselves, but she won't do anything. Refuses to get a part time job, refuses to do homework, refuses to study for tests. No. Life doesn't work this way.

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I had this exact conversation

I had this exact conversation with DS12 yesterday. Iā€™m determined heā€™s not going to fail at adulting the way his half-sisters have.

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How soon will she turn 18?

How soon will she turn 18?


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7 months

7 months

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Get the car back ASAP. If the

Get the car back ASAP. If the skid gets in an accident, you'll be liable for damages. This is your priority.

As for the phone, worry about that later. It can be turned off, temporarily suspended, whatever AFTER you get that car!

I've been through this, and I understand what an upsetting time this must be for you and how challenging it can be to get your spouse to act. It sounds as if your DH is willing to play hardball, which is great. So focus on protecting yourselves from liability, and then work on mentally letting go.

You just got a golden ticket to a peaceful life. Don't let her come back.

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Yes, getting the car is now

Yes, getting the car is now the priority. The phone is suspended so no big deal there.

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It looks like she is showing

It looks like she is showing you she is ready to go off and adult. Send her a Best Wishes card and tell her good luck with that! Lol

She definitely needs to return the car to you since she doesn't appear to have a means to pay for her own insurance and to purchase the car from you.


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Wok hoo! Break out the

Wok hoo! Break out the champers and party on! This calls for a celebration!..oh..and get that car back or cancel the rego and insurance.!


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