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Radio forcing me to Adult

SD8 might be the most observant eight year old... Which has forced me to adult in the morning on the rides to school.

In the past she heard that song that says: "all of that whiskey goes to my head..." So we had to have a conversation about the affects of alcohol... Which I basically said "it makes you feel weird and judge things differently, so a lot of people will do super stupid things when they drink and get in trouble." But let's be real. I don't drink... I have no clue... But she looked at me totally shocked and said something about "never drinking ever, because it's bad for you and she knows BM does crazy things when she drinks." So I guess I aced it? lol

Or the day where we got to discuss what a credit score is and does, it wasn't even talked about that much on the radio.. Just said something about needing a credit score to get a car, and BOOM. Girly had at least a hundred questions... Then she started asking what mine and daddy's was... I told her mine was about as good as it gets and daddy has a pretty good one too (okay, it's s***, because of BM, but I wasn't going to tell her that...)

Today's topic? Life insurance... It said something about being able to get $500,000 life insurance and she was ALL OVER that. She told me I should call and get it because I could get a house and my car fixed (some rude person decided to ding the side of it while I was in work...) Plus I could get a pet shark since I love them... I laughed and told her that wasn't how life insurance worked and explained no one gets that money unless you pass away. She then asked who would get mine... I told her DH, she asked who would get it if DH had already passed away... I told her that her and her sissy would most likely end up splitting it... So she told me what she would do with it: Pay for my funeral at Disneyland, because she knows I want to go there super bad (I admit, I'm a sucker for it, but really I just want to take them there while they're still young enough to fully appreciate it, lol), make sure she could keep our house so our ghosts wouldn't be lost (she has this working theory that my dogs I've lost all growing up still follow me around every day... That's actually cute), pay bills, buy a gaming computer (she asks for one of these like every other day... Not happening... lmao), and use it to get a good job so she could keep paying bills.

First off I think I'm actually just raising a small adult and that SD8 isn't actually a child... Second off, how observant can a child be??? Regardless, I have to adult in the mornings and hope I don't say anything too insane and ruin the child... Just thought maybe some of you could use a laugh. lmao

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I love this....made me smile

I love this....made me smile Smiling

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I'm Sissy in my family. My

I'm Sissy in my family. My brothers are 40 and 45 and still refer to me as Sissy.

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Children are way more clever

Children are way more clever then what we think.... that's why they get away with manipulation and playing adults off against each other Evil

Blended family life turned me into a pirate....
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For reals! Since starting to

For reals! Since starting to parent I've had to change tactics so much! lmao. Being a nanny was nothing compared to actually full time raising two!

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I say here here to you for

I say here here to you for being a good parent figure. Your willing to talk to your stepchild about things that are considered adult matters but trust me she needs to learn.

Sometimes we overly shield things from kids or just think "they're to young to learn about that." but here you have a perfect teaching moment.

I think once a kid starts asking a question it's time to start teaching them.

SO's kids know that we have bills and are starting to learn what that means. They've asked "what happens if you don't pay bills" becuase of course we have to explain we can't get X toy because it's not in the budget. Should we ignore this question? I feel no. We've told them "If you ignore your bills you can start to lose things. In our case we could lose our apartment if we don't pay rent". We don't leave it at that though because the goal isn't to scare them. We always follow with "But that is our responsibility as adults and not yours as children. It's an adults job to work, pay bills, take care of you guys, and worry about this stuff. Your job as children is to behave, do good in school, and have fun." We clearly define adult roles and children's roles.

Some days are hard but you just fight through them to get to the good ones.

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I agree about talking to kids

I agree about talking to kids about things. They're observant... And personally I think a shielded child is more likely to get in trouble or so something they'll regret later if they aren't educated as the questions come up. I agree you need to make it semi-age sensitive as well... But if you don't educate the kid, they're gonna figure it out themselves, and it may be the hard way...

Key Example: A girl back home got pregnant in high school, she legitimately had no clue how it possible could have happened. Come to find out her parents told her that you get pregnant by kissing, so she believed that... And she didn't kiss him, just did the dirty...

It's that kind of naivity that causes a lot of the issues we have. Sure they're still going to do what they want, but being informed means maybe they'll actually take a second the think about it and form their own set of values and opinions of it.

But the one childish thing... If you ask the Skids what happens if they get a boyfriend, the answer is: "*insert name or phrase "mommy" or whatever it is I'm being called that day* is going to hunt him down and take him out with a knife." I have no clue where that came from... Since the only conversation we've had was:
SD4: "I'm gonna get a boyfriend."
Me: "I'll beat him up, you're too young for that."
SD4: "when can I?"
Me: "When you're 60."

Apparently they somehow got something worse out of that. lol... But if it keeps them from dating... Laughing out loud Eye-wink