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Sick DH

I feel like a horrible human being lol. But I can't help but laugh when my DH gets sick. Which he is today. I get home from the gym this morning around 5:30 and DH is sound asleep (or so I thought) I hear his voice all crooped up. "Don't get too close... I think I'm dying." I just laugh and crawl into bed and cuddle up to him (I have roughly 15 minutes before I have to get the skids up) He folds his arms and is trying to remain completely confined.

So apparently he has a cold. lol. With all the moping he was doing you'd think he really was dying. lmao. He "didn't want to get me sick" but this cold has gone around the whole house, both Skids have had it, MIL has even had it, DH stays far away from people and keeps his shirt over his face when people are sick (germaphobic a bit) And I literally cuddled both Skids while they were sick and am completely fine. Pretty sure at this point it's either gonna show up anyways or it's not, regardless of how close he gets to me.

I swear, for being such a big bad *insert name of military branch he was in members* he can be so dramatic when he gets the tiniest cough or the sniffles. I'll never not laugh at that... But at least he doesn't want to get me sick. lmao

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My DH is a total curmudgeon

My DH is a total curmudgeon when he's sick. He HATES being sick and I'm the one person he tolerates being around him when he's "dying". That's because I quietly go about my business and wait for him to ask me for something. The skids have never had any respect for him when he's sick and hound him constantly when all he wants to do is sleep and pout.

Hope your DH is better asap!

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I ended up just letting him

I ended up just letting him sleep and putting cough syrup, orange juice, and vitamins on the table next to him before I left him to play dead. lol

He wasn't even coughing, so I'm sure he'll recover fast. He just believes the runny nose means he's contracted the plague in the mean time. lmao

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My DH never gets sick... But

My DH never gets sick... But when he does it lasts FOREVER.

I'm still stuck on the fact that you got HOME from the gym at 5:30AM!!! WOW! Smiling

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The only time I could find is

The only time I could find is 3:30AM lol. Too much going on in the evening and I'm tired after work anyways. However I feel like an old lady crawling into bed at like 9 or so.

I'm grateful my DH seems to get short sicknesses... Otherwise the house would never not smell like Lysol, lol

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Yo Probably, My DH is the

Yo Probably,

My DH is the complete opposite. When he's sick he wants to be left alone and refuses all offers of attention. If he wants water or tylenol, whatever, he gets up and gets him himself, no matter how sick he is. Makes me feel kind of useless.

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Mine doesn't like being

Mine doesn't like being touched too much, that's about it, other than that I get a big ol man child on my hands. lol

For some reason your description makes me think of someone glaring, cuddled up in blankets, and perched in the corner of the couch, and holding some armful of medicine in their arms while telling everyone to leave them alone. lol

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My DH really laughed at that

My DH really laughed at that description, Probably! Actually, he sleeps in the spare room when he's sick, in order to prevent the disease from spreading to moi. The only time I see him is when he staggers to the sink for water or to the bathroom. This is all pretty fresh in my mind since he just recovered from a bout of the flu.

He was babysitting the grandsons last week and invariably returns home with some illness or other. Those little guys are hotbeds of infection. I am now sick but do not suffer in silence, not by a long shot. DH is waiting on me hand and foot as he should be!

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Get better quickly!!! Also

Get better quickly!!!

Also kids are in general! lol I swear SD4 brings back everything short of the plague from daycare. lol

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AHHH the dreaded man cold!

AHHH the dreaded man cold! It's the exact same thing everyone else in the house survived but YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.

My SO complained that "he feels achy and he can tell that this cold he's getting is going to take 2 days to emerge" last night.


Meanwhile, next week when I'm deader than a doornail, he will have taken the day off from work, lounged in the recliner all day watching Gold Rush and I will be trying to figure out how to turn my screen brightness down so I can respond to work emails, write plans and save humanity with the SAME DAMN COLD. As well as cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring and listening to his ass whine and ask "baby can you make me some soup".


Best of luck to you!

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A few weeks ago I had a cold

A few weeks ago I had a cold that hurt to even breathe. lol. Didn't miss a single day of work... I can only imagine how awful these man colds must be to have to lay up in bed all day... lmao

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Does he recite his symptoms

Does he recite his symptoms every 30 minutes? Ex-H and DH both did/do that. My boss does it too. It's annoying AF. I just nod and smile and fix DH a cup of hot tea with a splash of honey whiskey.

Love me or hate me, I'm still going to shine.

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Yes he does. Lol normally

Yes he does. Lol normally with “I’m dying” laid in there a few times!

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When DH and I were on our

When DH and I were on our honeymoon, I got a cold. We were on a cruise, so when I had the cold, I really just wanted to go back to our cabin and rest in the evenings, but he wouldn't let me. He kept saying "you're fine. You're exaggerating. You can come to the casino / show / bar with me." A few days later, he got the same cold and didn't he just want to spend *all day* sleeping. He did just that on one of our "at sea" days. That was the first time I had really experienced man flu, because I knew for a fact that we had, had the same illness. I reminded him that I had just had the same cold and he had shown me zero sympathy, so why did he expect me to feel all bad and take care of him when he was sick.

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Yo strugglingSM, ~I reminded

Yo strugglingSM,

~I reminded him that I had just had the same cold and he had shown me zero sympathy, so why did he expect me to feel all bad and take care of him when he was sick.~

What was his response?