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Another funfilled Saturday

My SO went to pick up OSS and YSS Saturday. I received a text from SO asking me to open the door. YSS came in first and said hello. OSS came in and didn't speak. SO has addressed the not speaking several times. He speaks for a time and then stops. I was working on some stuff on my computer. OSS came to the bedroom door and asked could he use the computer. I figured he was speaking to his dad. SO said yes and told him where his computer was. OSS was on the computer all of 5 minutes. He could not have been asking me because he didn't speak when he entered me and SO's home. I would not think he would be bold enough to ask me to use my computer. I would have said no anyway.

I had to run a quick errand. I closed the bedroom door to change my clothes. Before I left I went to get a bottled water, the TV remote was on the floor in the kitchen and the kitchen drawer was wide open. I called OSS into the kitchen and told him to pick up the remote and close the kitchen drawer.

It was finally time for them to leave. OSS used the bathroom before he left. YSS said goodbye OSS did not speak. At some point after they left I went into the bathroom and the hand towel was crumpled up, as oppose to neatly being hung as I always have it.

I just came here to vent!!!

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Sorry I do not understand.

Sorry I do not understand. Did DH let him use your computer? If that was the case, you should have sent SS back to DH to ask to use his computer as invisible people also have invisible computers.

As for the kitchen drawer and remote, don't make yourself the bad guy with steppawn, you should've called DH and said "Close the kitchen drawer and pick up the remote you lazy sod!" Dh would wail "It wasn't me" and then you just go deaf. Same with crumpled towel...accuse DH of crumpling the towel and send him to fix it.

What is so wrong about offering skids shiny red apples?

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I like that idea. I will

I like that idea. I will start accusing him of everything. No DH let him use his own computer. I ignored him. DH and I discussed when I first got my computer that the Skids would not be using my computer. I sometimes journal on my computer and I most certainly don't want them in my personal business.


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If it was my computer - I

If it was my computer - I would've ignored him like he ignored me, maybe it will teach him something...

The remote in the kitchen, they will loose it, I will simply take it and they will never get it again, change the channel to a boring food one and take the remote, sorry if you can't work with it and can't respect my property you can not use it..

The hand towel, will be removed, no more hand towel , I will only hand it out when there's guests lol..

I stopped telling skids what to do, I simply removed what ever was bugging me

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I like all those ideas.

I like all those ideas. Removing hand towels from now on when they are here.


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I disappear the tv remote if

I disappear the tv remote if MY kids are careless with it. It gets put away safe.

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No skids on your computer!

No skids on your computer! Bad idea!

Also, where do I sign up to have skid in my house for just a few hours once a week? Sad

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Yes it is. They jack DH's

Yes it is. They jack DH's computer up. Don't sign up, there will be more days and hours added soon. I think I will start doing Yoga.


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Yes, do yoga. My smelly

Yes, do yoga.

My smelly stepkid is nearly always in my home and I HATE it. He tries to get out of being with his BM but I put my foot down about that.

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Time to bombard DH and the

Time to bombard DH and the offending Skid with pics of his idiot decisions. Dont let any of it slide. Either DH steps up and gets his spawn under control or you do it and for sure neither the SSpawn nor DH will like the result is you do it.

Have fun! Evil

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