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So the four year old brought home something from daycare... naturally I got it... So I'm siting here feeling like s***. I have my SDs behaving super well, wining down for bed. Already in pajamas and just finishing off a late dinner (DH is watching football in the back, I officially hate football season, lol). So it's all going well, I mean besides the fact I'm freezing as hell and can't stop shivering and have. Stomach bug lmao. SD8 even slipped up and called me mama. Which got me in. Stunned silence, that doesn't happen often. When SD4 asked if she had seriously jut done that she stood by it and told her that's what I am and that I'm the one taking care of them and I love them and so I am a mama and that's what a stepmomma is. It was sweet. Sorry for the side story. That being said I am again called by my first name again. Lol

But then right as I'm getting the kids ready my bro in law shows up with his kids. And DH appears long enough to tell me to let the Skids stay up to play. I get why he's here. My sis in law had a seizure so she can't drive today but she had work so our place is closer than they're home and she gets off at a randomize time depending on when she finishes some stuff off. But he legit sat on the couch and played on his phone and let his kids run rampant... They've broken several things and I've gotten after them, but PARENT YOUR OWN KIDS! So I'm now in the bathroom completely disengaging. Because I'm done for the day. I had the Skids all day while DH was doing his football thing, I don't need to be parenting their out of control ones too.

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hell no-tell BIL to watch his

hell no-tell BIL to watch his brats so DH's kids can go to bed

this is why my SIL has been banned from our house-because she refuses to parent her kids period.

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Tell those men to take their

Tell those men to take their heathens outside and suggest out loud for the kids to hear that they build a fire. That’ll keep them busy for a while.