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Took SS's mail to the post office

SS received three pieces of mail here. His car insurance, his bank statement and it looks like some type of letter from the bank (my guess is over draft).
I was off from work so I drove them to the post office and explained that he no longer lives with us and we have no forwarding address.
The Post Office said that they would take care of it. I am guessing return to sender.

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Evil Evil Evil

"I am the nicest person you will ever meet until you try to f*ck over somebody I love. Then? I'm your worst f'ing nightmare." - Former.

Famuky is looming at me ark.

"His eyes said different though...."

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Well, he doesn't live there

Well, he doesn't live there anymore, so...

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She did the right thing!

She did the right thing!

The opinions of strangers only matter if WE let them matter.

I feel like I'm reading food erotica. Fifty Shades of Aniki's Wine and Dinner. ~Gimlet

I decided to stop reaching out. It's just asking to get my hand slapped.

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Ahahaha! Good job!

Ahahaha! Good job!

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Great that they will take

Great that they will take care of it. When MSD lived here for five weeks she would not put in a change of address. The post office would not accept form unless she put it in. I just started marking return to sender on everything and writing her new address on everything. Guess she did not like that. She expected to be able to pick up her mail...err collection notices...from DH at his work office whenever the mood would strike. I still get PTSD when something with her name on it is in my mailbox.,.it has been five years.

So glad you got the little psycho out of your house. How do you feel? Immense relief?

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I am so very relieved that he

I am so very relieved that he is out. DH is painting the bedroom between now and next weekend. All of the stuff that he did still runs around in my head though but at least I know that he is not here when I come home so that in itself is a big stress relief. Things are starting to get back on track for us as a couple.
DH says that it's best if he not sees him for a while. It's about time that he finally sees what I have been seeing for 7 months! He said today that he has not talked to any of the skids in weeks and SS in one week. They expect DH to bow down to them. Oh give me a break!
I didn't write anything on the envelopes, let the post office do that. I did not want any of the to see my handwriting on anything.

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OSD48 uses our address, I

OSD48 uses our address, I don't fight it cause DH takes her the mail.

It takes a strong man to step up to the plate another man left on the table.