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Literal Shit

If someone would have told me 8 years ago to get ready to deal with shit on a regular basis, I would have laughed.

Who deals with poop unless they have babies and toddlers?

I got this text from DH yesterday

"There is a giant shit in SS's bathroom trash can"

So, I'm thinking one of the dogs must have been feeling sick and had an accident and SS cleaned it up and put it in the trash instead of the toilet.


Apparently, SS pooped his pants in the middle of the night??? Instead of cleaning himself up and flushing the turd, he wiped himself with a piece of notebook paper and put it in the bathroom trash. It sat in there for several days before DH went in there and smelled it.

I said to DH "What the heck. I've been drunk off my ass and never shit myself. AND why would he put it in the trash can and leave it in there." Of course, DH gets mad at me.

Just another day in stephell.

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I just cannot. You are giving

Barf! I just cannot. You are giving me nightmares woman.


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SS wanted to safe his crap

SS wanted to safe his crap and show you how nice he cleaned up.... give the kid that lol

next time DH calls you with there's crap in the bin, laugh and say - well it was not me Hon... and ignore
if you happen to find it without DH knowing, dump it on his bed the little turd


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lol. This isn't really that


This isn't really that uncommon in step family dynamics.

Early in our relationship, DH would often complain about this or that character flaw in one of his kids. (This one's lazy, that one's mean...this one's bossy, that one's scatterbrained, etc.) It's a trap!!! Actually, I often defended the skids (except OSD who was the literal worst and evil) because DH was pretty hard on them for their I would point out the positives, usually. But on the occasions that I agreed or, God Forbid, pointed out something that I had noticed, DH instantly went cold and offended.

I started responding with my favorite: Mmmmmm. No defense of the skids, no agreement with DH. Nothing.

We have since talked about this and it's gotten way better. DH no longer pulls the trigger on the "you just don't like my kids!" nearly as often.

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SS told me he cleaned it up.

SS told me he cleaned it up. I went in his bathroom today before leaving for work and the turd was gone but the notebook paper covered in poo is still in the trash can. He will be cleaning that bathroom from top to bottom when I get home tonight.


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Right? Just handle it, man.

Right? Just handle it, man. Sanitize that bathroom (with SS helping because I would not trust him to do it on his own) and have a serious conversation about why the kid would even begin to think that putting a turd in the trash can was appropriate.

Is the kid sick or something? That is very odd to just poop your pants otherwise, especially if it was solid stool.


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It's not appropriate? I would

It's not appropriate? I would never consider disposing of my solid waste in any other way.


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No clue. I can't wrap my

No clue. I can't wrap my head around a lot of the things skids do.


Puppies are like books...I wish I could have them all.

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wee bit over-sensitive there,

wee bit over-sensitive there, mr. ninji.

if was in your shoes, and said what you did, my dh would have responded, "i have no effing clue! but dude that's just nasty and he WILL be taking care of it himSELF."

see, mr ninji? that's how a normal husband should respond instead of getting all prickly towards your wife.

is he pms'ing? over-stressed? or is that time of response common from him?


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Wow. That's some knarly ch!t.

Wow. That's some knarly ch!t. Defecation is not a problem in our household, luckily. Menstrual pads are, unfortunately. Left in trash can and open and showing blood. Luckily no poop though. That's horrible!


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Holy frigging nasty!!!!!

Holy frigging nasty!!!!! Your DH should be embarrassed his kid behaves this way. Beyond gross !

Daddy needs to be in charge of all the cleanup and sanitizing. The 8 year old should be involved as well ( unless there is something medical, that us way too old to be pooing your pants IMO )

Next time take the trash can with the turd and put in in DHs vehicle or garage ...or a space only he uses and then see how defensive he is of poor picked on SS.