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You have to love a trier

DH just dropped into the conversation that he has all the 3 SGD’s next Saturday, and what will I be doing on that day?

I will be having a lovely day on my own walking round our local city; you will be getting thrown out of any café you take the wild bunch in [like we have done the last 4 times we have taken them out].

Loving this disengagement malarkey

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you should've replied - I

you should've replied -

I don't know what I'm going to do yet.... but I know I'm not spending the day with you Evil

Blended family life turned me into a pirate....
All I want to do is drink Rum and stab people

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Exactly what I did every

Exactly what I did every other weekend for a decade Eye-wink Have a lovely day on Saturday.

Veteran disengaged SM of 14 years. Underestimate me, that'll be fun.

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Good response. Disengagement

Good response. Disengagement = the absolute best. I only disengaged from one of my skids bc the other two were fine...though I did expect DH to do most of the work for them when they were here. To me, that's not disengagement...that's just basic parenting / responsibility.

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What will you be doing that

What will you be doing that day? I would have said, "Having a lot more fun than you."

I can't wait to hear how this goes for him! How old are they?

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They've been thrown out of

They've been thrown out of cafes? OMG! What does your DH say about that?

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15, 8 and 2. SD does not

15, 8 and 2.

SD does not believe that children should be told no.

the 8 year olds party trick is to stand on tables when she has finished eating.